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We are taking a break after our state tests and having some fun with multiplication. I found a wonderful multiplication songs page on Pinterest and practiced that with my students today.

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Aren't these tricks the best? We used Whole Brain Teaching strategies of "Mirror" and "Teach-Okay" to learn the 3's, 4's and 7's and will definitely come back to them tomorrow.  We added "Seeeeventyyyyy" to the end of the 7's in place of the "And many more..." that often comes at the end of Happy Birthday. It was a lot of fun and another interactive way to teach something that can get pretty boring in a hurry :)

We ended our class setting up a Multiplication Bingo board to play tomorrow after we review the 6's and 8's. I have always loved this online Bingo board because kids can fill it in themselves with numbers that don't get too crazy.

One thing we realized is that this helpful guide did not have any 8's, so we will be on our own trying to figure those multiples out in a snazzy way. Any suggestions?

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  1. Just found your blog and LOVE fellow third grade teachers who blog. I don't think my life as a teacher is that interesting. Maybe you can use these for the upcoming year.

    Here's the songs I use to teach the multiplication and my kids really get it!
    3s-3 blind mice
    4s-Old McDonald
    6-You are my sunshine
    7-happy birthday
    8-She'll be coming round the mountain
    9-Star Spangled Banner


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