Saturday, August 11, 2012

TpT BTS Sale & Some Funnies :)

It's almost that time.....

Back to School Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers! 

Time to stock up and buy your wishlist- I know mine is getting crazy-long!!

This 2-day sale is Sunday & Monday only- all of my products will be 20% off! Woo hoo!

And, as an added bonus, to celebrate this B2S Season, use the code "BTS12" at checkout to save an extra 10% off your purchase!

Lots and lots of stores are participating, so be sure to fill up your cart with great teacher-made, student-tested lessons :) I am linking up with Blog Hoppin' and their long list of wonderful participating stores.

Visit my TpT Store HERE.

And now, to keep you smiling, some funnies!

If you are a Pinterest-aholic, like moi!, I know you have seen these all over the place, but they always make me laugh so so hard!

I post them to my Facebook page, but there are funnier ones everyday, so it's getting harder to keep up.

Here are some of my favs:


We reported back this week for meetings- I still can't believe my summer is over :( If you have already started with kids, I hope your first few days are going well and if you are still knee-deep in your summer vacation, enjoy!!


  1. Awesome, Stephanie - thanks! I've had your Brain Breaks in my Cart for awhile, so I'll be snagging it tomorrow. :-)

    Mrs. Allen’s 5th Grade Files

  2. I love those ecards!! They are so funny!!


  3. I love the ecard about the jumpers and applique vests. So stereotypical yet so true!

  4. Thanks for the funnies! I just laughed my way through the whole group of them because they are so true! I'm your newest follower and I'm so excited to have found your blog!

  5. I'm up past midnite (again! What am I doing to myself right before going back to school?!) so I thought I'd try to get a head start on the sale but it is not accepting the promo code. Do you think it's just too early? Thanks! Can't wait to get the brain breaks!

  6. Nevermind :-) It worked this morning! TPT must not understand night owl work sessions :-) Thanks-they look great!

  7. Thanks for sharing--they are funny! I am having a giveaway on my site--drop by!


Thank you so much for your comments! :)