A Cure for Messy Areas: The Desk/Cubby/Bin Fairy

**This is a repost to help explain my newest TpT Product: Desk, Cubby & Bin Fairy Rewards**

Once upon a time, I was in my teammate's room after school and noticed that as we spoke, he was opening and closing desks and leaving a tiny slip of paper on the top of some.As our conversation continued, he went back to all of the desks with a note and left a small piece of candy as well. His students with the notes and candy had been visited by the Desk Fairy!

The great thing about the Desk Fairy is that you never know when she will make an appearance, but when she does, the kids go nuts.

At the beginning of the year and the students are setting up their desks for the first time, I tell them all about the Desk Fairy and how she just loves to have things organized and in their place. In return, she often leaves a goodie- sometimes a piece of candy, sometimes a sticker, always something small and fun- you never know when she will visit, what she will leave as a treat, or how strict she will be. But you do know that if your desk is nice and tidy, she will be very pleased :)

I am forgetful- thus all of my organizational systems- and I have had to add in "DF" to my calendar to make sure she is visiting once every week to every other week during the school year. Kids will alert me when I am becoming a slacker, although they are wonderfully sweet and simply say, "Hmm, I wonder when the Desk Fairy will visit again?" Love them :)

As many of you know, I am making the switch from desks to tables this year and students will be responsible for bins & cubbies instead of their desks. {Yay!}

In order to address the need for clean bins and cubbies, I have made rewards for the Desk Fairy, Cubby Fairy, and Bin Fairy.
Each card comes with a super-cute poem (made by me) that thanks them for having such clean desks or cubbies or bins when the fairy stopped by and rewards them with a treat. There are four designs for each of the fairies. Want a set? Pick them up today in my TpT Store!

Printing Tip: Want to make these smaller? I print four out on a page to save on space, ink, and make them easier to store. Head over to my tech tutorial about bookmarks HERE, but change the "Custom" settings to 2 by 2 and the "Orientation" to Landscape- it works perfectly!

Next year, I am definitely going to make this chart which I think is a fantastic way to remind students exactly what will get you a special treat from the dear Desk/Cubby/Bin Fairy. These notes have certainly spruced up my boring old notes, and made it much more fun for my kids to receive these tokens for a clean desk.

Do you use a Desk, Cubby or Bin Fairy in your classroom? How do your kiddos like it?


  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! Greatly appreciate it!
    P.S. Love your blog! It's beautiful and resourceful!!!


    Today, in Second Grade

  2. Wish I had heard about this at the beginning of the year! Some of the kids in my class really could have used the Desk Fairy! Something to think about for next year, for sure!

    I'm your newest follower!

    Rhymes With Purple

  3. I loooove this idea! I just added it to my index card file of great teaching ideas. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Are your cubbies wall mounted? What would you do if there was no "cubby" space in the classroom?