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My Classroom

So much of my classroom, like yours, is built on systems. While the beginning of the year may feel extremely uphill, I have found over the years that these systems become sanity-savers around October and really let us explore and get creative within the familiar structure for the remainder of the year.


Have you joined in the Classroom Organizing Challenge yet? Be sure to see each month's target area and weekly challenges to make this your most organized year yet!

Without certain items, I would be lost, or at least working way harder than I needed to be! Some of my favorite organizational systems include:

Classroom Management

As you know, if you don't have this, it doesn't matter how organized your units are! I have shared several strategies over the years, but some of readers' all-time favorites include:

Classroom Community

Building Classroom Community is such an integral part of management and an overall successful year. Getting to know each of your students, letting them get to know you, and getting to know each person in the class over the course of the year has a ripple effect in every lesson and unit that you teach. There is nothing better than shared stories, experiences, celebrations, and laughter. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to cultivate community with your students:

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Growth Mindset

We also work quite a bit on Growth Mindset and I wanted to include links to some of our favorite lessons: