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**UPDATE: My project was fully funded on May 17th! Yahoo!! Thank you donors!**

Have you ever considered setting up a account? I have submitted four projects over the past two years and three of them have been funded! It is a wonderful way to ask for some of the larger items that I will never be able to afford for my class that make a huge impact. Have you ever noticed that classroom furniture and supplies seem to double in price once you add the word "school" or "classroom" to the description? Eeek!

I have asked for and received fraction manipulatives, word work activities, a rug for my classroom:
Most recently, I have asked for an easel and seating combo (fingers crossed!):
Note: I don't use Big Books in 3rd grade BUT I actually prefer the shorter chart paper, so this setup works perfectly. The best news is that this combo is full of storage and actually takes up less space than a larger chart/easel stand :) Something to think about if you don't have the space like I do for one of those big guys!

There are several very cool things about
  • They really know how to work social media- there is a Facebook and Twitter option, as well as email links to get the news out about your project
  • Companies often run matching grants for donations- once, even Groupon had a deal where you spent $10 and received a $50 credit! There is sometimes even a 1:1 donation out there from a larger company, so keep your eyes peeled for those match codes!
  • It is very low-impact for the teacher- I have written grants asking for less money that have taken up more time and energy than DC's process. does a great job of keeping things simple and easy to understand. They provide email updates about your thank-you package due dates and that is very helpful for forgetful me!
  • It doesn't take long to accrue points that can then allow you to ask for big ticket items. 
  • Their vendors sell EVERYTHING, so chances are, if it's out there, DC can fund it.
  • You can receive donations from anyone- I have received countless funds from people I don't even know and that is so amazing to think about. It really does make a huge impact on my kids and I to know that total strangers want us to have better materials and a better learning environment. Very cool!
As a teacher and new mom, it is becoming harder and harder to afford big classroom purchases, so I highly recommend taking a look over at to see how they can help you and your kids!

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