Lesson/Weekly Planner

I have struggled for many years to try to find a lesson/weekly planner that worked for me. There are several key features that my planner must have:
  • Days of the week going across the top
  • Subjects going down the side
  • Checklists! I am a girl who LOVES to cross things off
  • Cuteness, of course
I have searched high and low for one that fits those criteria and was affordable, but to no avail. About two years ago, I began making my own and it is perfect!
I love several things about it:
  • I can customize it to my schedule and make certain subject spaces larger/smaller
  • I can add in specific things that need to get done every week~ ever since having my daughter, my brain forgets the simplest of weekly routines, so this has become even more necessary
  • I can choose the font :) (the one in the download is from Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas, Pea Bandit)
  • I can print it out, copy it front to back, and place it in my binder to keep with everything else~ this helps keep it from getting lost during my crazy days
As much as I adore technology, there is still something very wonderful about writing down plans and crossing them off when finished~ I don't think I could ever go completely electronic with calendars for this reason.

A few things to note about these planner pages:
  • Google Docs puts them in an ugly font~ please switch it to something cute for me :) If you use Pea Bandit from Kevin & Amanda's Fonts for Peas, it is size 14.
  • Be sure to hole punch them in the right spot~ after copying them front-back, I hole punch the "Wednesday" side so they will all be going in the right direction
  • You will notice lots of bullet points~ these are my things to do during that time. There are lots because I try to capitalize on my time during the day so I can get home to my baby girl asap after school :)
  • A few codes, decoded: FF= Friday Folders, w/u= warm up, c/u= catch up, DLI= Daily Language Instruction, EM= Everyday Math... did I miss any?
Have fun with these!

Lesson Planner doc
Lesson Planner pdf


  1. Aren't customized plans the best? I feel like a plan book would just make me write the same things out repeatedly, and waste so much time. Yours looks great!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. I bought a plan book this year. I like your so much better. Im already doing lesson plans over the summer. I love how you do writing groups, one a day. I will definitely be adding this to my plans.