Ready, Set, Go! & Printable

I am all about Whole Brain Teaching's "Class-Yes" as a way to get attention, especially when I need to give some quick instructions to the whole class. I was always feeling a bit weird when I wanted to send them back to their work or on their way to follow the instructions I just gave.
**Note: Before WBT, I rarely had this problem! It's almost as if they are too engaged now~ ha!

In order to address this "dilemma", I came up with "Ready, Set, Go!" and some matching gestures.

In order to send my kids on their way, I end my directions by saying "Ready" and hitting both hands on my lap.

The kids reply by saying "Set" and clapping their hands together once.

We then all say "GO!" and raise our hands in the air.

It's all very fun and gives us an energy to get into the next project as soon as we can.

Download the Ready, Set, Go! pdf printable here.

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