My *NEW* Teacher Bag

One of my oldest and dearest friends from college, Shannon, just became a Thirty-One consultant and I knew immediately what bag I needed when I heard the good news: The Organizing Utility Tote!
My new fav bag in Lotsa Dots!
Ohmagoodness, I am in LOVE with this bag!

First off, anyone who knows me knows I <3 a good bag/purse/clutch/tote. Any cute way to lug around all of my junk is greatly appreciated by moi, so I knew that Thirty-One would be the perfect place to get what I was in desperate want need of!

Ok, let me highlight what is particularly amazing about my new bag:

1. Price- I have spent WAY too much money in the past on bags, and while I still believe this was money well-spent (my husband has very different opinions!), I could not be happier with how much bag I was getting for so little!

2. Monogramming- Aaaaaah, the lovely initials that are my name :) I actually love my initials and use them everywhere, so they were also necessary when ordering a bag for school. Plus, their font choices are to die for! No plain block letters here! I chose the dot font because nothing says teacher like dot font :) They also have about 5 million thread colors to choose from- I chose brown (I'm a Plain Jane like that!), but the choices are seemingly endless!
3. Pockets!- Initially I was surprised there were no pockets on the inside. However, I am now so glad there's not! There are a total of SEVEN outside pockets on this bag and I have already filled every single one! They are deep, but easy to see into, and I store my school keys, my empty coffee mug, my water bottle, my phone, and my car keys. It is honestly the first time I can remember actually finding my keys the first time I reach for them.... Yay!

4. The Insides- One big open space= I can put in everything I need and not have to worry about what can squeeze in where- yahoo! I keep my school laptop (sometimes), my purse (small clutch, love it!), my iPad, and a host of other randomness in there and it all fits and stays safe. I love the stiff (but not too stiff) wipeable fabric (we have a baby- everything MUST be wipeable to survive!) and the handles are the perfect length to hold or put over my shoulder.

5. The Extras- Shannon was offering a special on a Mini-Utility Bin for super cheap, so I got two bags for less than the cost of one elsewhere :) I thought the bin would be teeny tiny, but it actually holds quite a lot and has made Little Girl's toys less obvious and more stylin' in their new storage location.

Are you in need of a good teacher bag? Check out Shannon's Thirty-One site at and see the Organizing Utility Tote all of the other wonderful items available!
Do you all have a favorite teaching bag? Anyone else in love with their Thirty-One bag??


  1. Great minds think alike!...I just got the EXACT same bag with brown monogram and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my bag too. Am thinking I need a lunch tote now to go with it! LOL

  2. That's awesome, Monica! Don't you just love all of the pockets? I have them all filled up already :)


  3. Before I went to my first 31 party a couple of months ago I couldn't figure out what the big deal was about these bags. FOUR bags later I am sold. My favorite is the big market tote with my name on it. Love it!

    Second Grade Math Maniac Blog

  4. So adorable! I might splurge for one eventually. If I did that is the one I'd get too. Something plan too... it just goes with everything!

    My boyfriend got me a lunch box from them, monogramed too, and it is the cutest! Love their products.

    T is for Teaching

  5. Amber, I think you will be pleasantly surprised how affordable these bags are!

    Casey, I can definitely see this turning into a multi-bag habit... quickly! :)

    Have a great week everyone!!


  6. Hi, my name is Susan and I am addicted to purses/bags. Your post has just put me in intervention. OMG! I'm in love. I usually treat myself to a new bag/purse every school year and my hubs thinks I'm nuts. Hello! This is essential teaching stuff! We learn this in college. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. And I can't get over how affordable they are. Thanks. Oh, and your friend should take you out to lunch for sending business her way. ;)

  7. I hear about these thirty one bags in the moms group I'm a part of but never looked into it. By the comments it seems like they're a pretty good investment. hmmm, maybe time to check out the website. thanks!

  8. Love your Lotsa Dots bag! I am a teacher & 31 consultant also, so I have had the opportunity to play a bit with the products and see which work best. I have found that a pocket-a-tote is perfect for just inside the bag to hold your thumb drives & change. Also I added a fold & file to the inside of mine to keep all those files/ papers up straight. I have one of the retired pencil pouches to hold grading pens...that one fits perfectly in the side mesh pocket. So happy to hear you love your bag! :)