Tech Tutorial: How to Make Bookmarks Using PDF Files

I have received so many requests about my Daily 5 Bookmarks that I wanted to share the tutorial with you today in case you wanted to use this for your own class.

My finished Daily 5 bookmarks looked like this:

They were super easy to make and with construction paper backing and laminating, they made it through the year (relatively) unharmed!

Next year, I am going to redo them using my own Daily 5 Signs. These are available in my TpT Store in a HUGE assortment of colors. This tutorial is going to take you through the plain bookmarks, but you could use any color and even mix-and-match them if each center were to be its own color (ex: Word Work is red and supplies are found in a red tub, Teacher Time is purple and you store your items in a purple tub and folder, etc.)

To begin, you will need a pdf file with each slide being one full picture (it will get shrunk down, so make sure it is large enough!) and a printer already installed in your computer. My screen shots are taken from my PC, but the directions are super-similar for a Mac.

First, from the pdf, go to File-- Print.

The screen will then pop up, looking something like this:
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First, click the "Multiple" button because we will want to print multiple pages on one sheet:
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This will automatically show 4 pages on one sheet- 2 across and 2 down. We want to make a bookmark, so we need to adjust the "Custom" settings to 1 across and 5 down:
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The nice part is the preview pane on the right- it will automatically update itself with the selections you make. If it ever seems to be taking a while and/or not updating, click the slider beneath the picture and it will update.
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Ok, now you have 5 pages shrunk down to the size of a bookmark, but the pages are not the ones you want to use- here's where the page numbers are very handy and where the different rotations come into play.

First, pick the pages you want to rotate through. For my example, using the plain signs, I want kids to rotate through pages 59-63 (Read to Self through Work on Writing). I am going to type those pages into the "Pages" section, separated by commas:
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Change the quantity to the number of copies you want- I always make extra since these get lost in desks or around the room, so I recommend making a few more than you need. Then, click "Print" and get ready to make your second set.

For the second rotation, I simply delete the first page number (in this case, 59) and then add it to the end of the list of pages, separated by a comma:
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If you click on the above image to enlarge it, you will see my pages to print are now "60,61,62,63,59" and that "Read to Self" went from the top to the bottom of the bookmark and the rest of the choices got bumped up by one.

Now, print off the quantity needed and get ready to print Rotation #3.

For this rotation, I am going to do the exact same thing as before, but this time bring 60 to the end, so that my pages to print will read "61,62,63,59,60":
Click to enlarge
This exact same strategy continues until you are back to the original order.

Now, all you need to do is cut each bookmark out (VERY easy to do with a paper cutter since they all have the same margins!), mount them on construction paper, and laminate them. You could also print them out onto cardstock and laminate them.

I have used this printing strategy for several other pdf's in my collection- this way kids get to see each poster in a compact, easy to use size and it makes it a breeze for me to pass them out and collect them!

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial and that you now have loads of bookmarks on your to-do list :)


  1. If I knew this was so easy, I would have done this a long time ago. I just made brand new Daily 5 bookmarks the long way measuring my boxes and placing them up and down.

    WOW!! Thanks for sharing this tip, I'm going to have to play with this on my printer and see if it works for me.

    -Lovely Nina

    Lovely Little Learners

  2. Hi Nina,

    I am so glad this helps you :) I can't cut a straight line to save my life, so when I discovered this tip, it was a total lifesaver!

    Thanks so much for your comment :)


  3. totally brilliant Stephanie--THANK YOU!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to make some great bookmarks!!

  5. Thanks so much for the tutorial! I am going to try to make some bookmarks for next year!

    Shelley @ Rhymes with Purple

    P.S. Not sure how to make a link back to my blog here in the comments. If you, or anyone, know can you please let me know in the comments on my blog, please.

  6. Love this!!! What a great idea and who knew it was so easy...

  7. This is also a great way to conserve paper because you can print two-four worksheets on one page if the print is big enough. I do this with my library newsletter when it runs long and with worksheets I use for lessons because I make copies for the whole school. You can also do a similar technique when printing from Word. LOVE being green. :)

  8. I am learning so much! Thank you for sharing your expertise! The tutorial was so interesting an technology class in university consisted of learning how to run a ditto machine. Photocopiers were a novelty!!!!

  9. This is so very helpful! Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  10. Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! I feel so excited. Can't wait to show my teachers on Monday.
    Irene Zajac

  11. I absolutely love finding out new ways to make bookmarks and use technology!
    Thanks so much for sharing and the pics...step by step.

  12. My printer doesn't give an option to select pages. It only offers a range. Any suggestions?

  13. Awesome and so hopeful. Thank you!!


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