Word Work: Scrabble Tile Spelling

Here is another option during our class' Daily 5 Word Work: Scrabble Tile Spelling.

Students use Scrabble letter tiles to spell and add up their word's point value.

One thing I noticed was that letter tiles are VERY expensive! They are popular for crafts, so therefore their price is pretty steep for a D5 center item (for me).

You have a few options:
    • a classroom/schoolwide all-call for extra tiles
    • garage sales 
    • thrift stores 
    • create your own by printing out the letter tiles pdf on cardstock (3 A-Z sets are included in the Scrabble Tile Packet in my TpT Store)
    • Protiles- an AMAZING company that LOVES working with teachers

I went through Protiles and got the amazing sets that are pictured above- four of them at a discounted teacher price- yay! I barely have time to do laundry, so rummaging through our city's thrift stores and/or garage sales was not on the agenda. I was happy to pay and received some top-quality tiles in complete sets :)

When kids use any of these tiles to build their words, I have them record their answers on the Scrabble Tile Worksheet:
I printed out several of these on cardstock and laminated them so students can use a white board marker to show their work and simply erase it when they have shown me- super easy and less waste!

I love this center for similar reasons to Word Worth- it is so great to have kids practice their spelling and necessary math skills all at the same time! Plus, the addends are all small in this activity, so it's a great way to practice mental math, adding more than 3 addends, counting on, and more!

Interested in the Scrabble Tile Worksheet and 3 pages of A-Z letters to make your own tiles?
Download it all from my TpT Store HERE.


  1. I really like the new header and blog button. So cute and fits so well with your blog :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. Fantastic idea . . . I have two Scrabble Games sitting in my classroom that go unused every year! I teach first so it is so hard for them to "link" the words, but I could totally have my hot shots play it this way. Thanks for sharing!!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  3. I ADORE your new blog design... super cute! I also love the center idea you posted. I will definitely be using this next year in my classroom. =)

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  4. This looks great! I can't wait to try this in my classroom!

  5. Thanks for the shout out Stephanie! You are super fun to work with too!
    - Leslie

  6. I just bought this on TpT! I was in the process of making a similar activity with some scrabble titles, I am so glad I checked on pinterest first! Thanks so much for making this set and only charging a $1 - it is report writing time so it makes my life a whole lot easier!!!!

  7. Through this site the people can get information about game as well as those who are very excited in game can take part with child and write good commnets

  8. Which sets did you get from Protiles? I would like to order what you have:) Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!! I'm in heaven with all the wonderful information you have provided. I want to implement D5 and WBT this coming school year. I have a bazillion questions I want to ask you:)


    1. Hi Mrs. K,

      Thank you so much for your sweet, sweet comment! You made my day :)

      I emailed Protiles and let them know I was a teacher- they replied pretty quickly and let me know what to do.

      Hope that helps!


  9. I love this idea!! However, I cannot access this link on the teachers pay teachers website! Please help! I really want to start this in my centers! Thank you!

  10. Love this idea for word work. I have old scrabble tiles and I think I will add this to my word work activities.

    I Heart Teaching Elementary