Word Work: Word Worth

**Update** This was featured on The 2 Sister's TheDailyCafe.com Newsletter on July 6, 2012!

I have several options for my Daily 5 Word Work where kids can choose activities to practice their independent words.

One of the stations I like best is How Much is Your Word Worth?
This is a fantastic way to combine math and spelling!

I have assigned each coin a value and students need to figure out how much their spelling word is worth. There are some additional questions on the bottom to determine which word is worth the most, least or the same.

I print these out on cardstock and laminate them. I also pair it with play money for my more tactile kids who need to manipulate the money to make a pile for their word.

It has been wonderful to see kids have this repeated practice with money throughout the year!

Interested in Word Worth? Check it out in my TpT Store!


  1. Wow! C'est une superbe idée!!!!

  2. I love this! I'm going to purchase it to you use with my 2nd graders during Daily 5!


  3. Trying to get to your "How Much is Your Word Worth" but it keeps telling me it can't find the link. Still available?