More Chevron Decor for Your Classroom

It's crazy to think that kids are going to be arriving in class in just a few weeks!!

I have been puttering around in my classroom all summer, but it's starting to feel a bit more urgent-- the piles on my tables need to start getting organized, not just moved around to a new pile ;)

As you know, I am loving chevron and have been incorporating it quite a bit in my classroom. I have added these items to my TpT Store and hope you can use them, too :)

Clock Numbers & Numbers 1-30:

Do you number your kids? I have and it helps so so so much with organization! I use their names as well, so at the top of their papers they need to write their name and number, but this strategy has saved me so much time! I can easily find who hasn't turned something in, it's easy to alphabetize the kids' work, and when we are on a field trip or fire drill, I have them number off quickly and we know if we are all accounted for.

In the picture, I am using the numbers on the back wall, so when kids take their bins to work around the room, they know where to return them. It's a lot "cleaner" looking than their names all over the place :)

In this packet are numbers 1-30 in each of the chevron backgrounds (red, orange, green, blue, teal, purple, and gray) and a plain background.

Also in the packet are clock numbers in the chevron backgrounds. I hot-glued these numbers to the edge of my classroom clock and love the 3D look of it! My thirdsters still struggle with analog time, so these will be a cute way to help them along :)

Check out this packet in my TpT Store HERE.

Table Numbers, Name Plates & Really Good Stuff Bin Cards:


I am using these bins from Really Good Stuff since I will have tables this year and I love them already! They are plenty big for folders, notebooks, and some books- I can't wait for the kids to use these!

This packet contains three items: Table Numbers (1-8), name plates with lines and the cards for the front of the RGS bins. I also like these cards for smaller labels around the classroom- I am going to use them to label their coat hooks.

These, too, come in all chevron colors: red, orange, green, blue, teal, purple and gray. There is also a plain background to the Table Numbers if you prefer to print them on color paper.

You can find this packet in my TpT Store HERE.

Guided Reading Level Labels for Bins & Books:

I am in love with these! I use GRL texts with my kids during Teacher Time and I will be using magazine boxes from Ikea to hold the books that will be labeled with the cute alphabet stickers for easy reference.
iPhone pic, sorry!

These are available in levels A-Z in alternating blue, red, green and purple colors with matching stickers. The stickers fit on the 30-per-page labels and you can see a preview in the TpT listing.

To pick up this packet, click HERE.

I think I am all chevroned-up! I love love love these accents and hope you can find them useful, too. Remember to pick up some of my free chevron items, too- Daily 5, CAFE, and Whole Brain Teaching Posters. And, there's a Welcome Banner, Cardinal & Ordinal Directions, and Binder Covers in the store, too :)



  1. We must be on the same wavelength again, I was working on my leveled labels today too! I love your chevron and color palette--it is so appealing!

    I've been numbering everything lately because I decided to finally try this system this year! I've been numbering their boxes, baskets, binders--I've gone numbering crazy! I guess I've only held off in the past because I have such a transient population. What do you do about students who move Stephanie? I know that I can just put a new student in an open number, but that does affect the lovely alphabetical order. Thanks, I always appreciate your advice :)

    1. Hi Kristen :)

      Super-good question-- in my current school, the population doesn't shift too much, but as new kids come in, they do jump to the next number on the list.

      I usually start the year with the last number, so when I model "Name and Number" on the top of the page, I have a number to work with. When a new student comes, they get that number and I move to the next one. If a student leaves, I usually take their number for examples (or numbers if a few kids leave). Then I have to remember to say that number when it's a fire drill or field trip to keep the count-off going. By the end of the year, we don't have a perfectly alphabetized list anymore, but the kids have really memorized their number by then, so it doesn't really bother me as much :)

      My teammate introduced me to the numbering system and what I love the most is how permanent it is over the years- instead of rewriting names on every.single.thing, the numbers are there, all ready to go!

      I have decided that anything to relieve stress this time of year is worth investing in ;)

      Happy decorating!!


    2. Thanks Stephanie, this helps a lot! I think I'll have a lot of students coming and going to new numbers, but at least the group that stays all year will have their own number. I just love it. I have so many things already set up and made this summer, without even have to worry about my class list (which I will have NO idea about 'til the first day of school!!!).

  2. I have tables in my room this year and am having a hard time figuring a set up. Right now I have them in a U shape, but I'm not perfectly happy with them yet. Just curious how you are setting them up. Thank you! :)

  3. Chevron is my newest obsession! I wish I had ditched my usual dots for chevron. Definitely next year :-)

    Lindsey @ Fabulously Fifth

  4. What font do you use? I love it!! Cute stuff!!

    1. Thanks so much! I use Kevin & Amanda's fonts (their link is on the sidebar) and this one is called Pea Mystie Unicase. Hope that helps :)


  5. Hi Stephanie,

    I LOVE your classroom number system! I would love to use your clock numbers and student numbers, but I have 32 kiddos! Would it be possible for you to edit the numbers that you included to add 32? I would love to use these for my classroom jobs, cubbies, book boxes, etc. Thank you!

    1. Hi Kacie,

      Thank you for reminding me! We are starting the year with 30, so I know I'll need spares if/when more show up. Yikes!! I will update the file soon all the way through 36. I hope that will help! Thanks again and enjoy-- these numbers help me everywhere!