Great Resource to Help With Word of the Day

I am in love with my iPad and plan to use it a lot more this year in class, from Google Docs to record conferences, to finding some great apps to help make my life easier :)

One of my most recent discoveries: Vocabulary Builder!

My friend found this through Julie at Second Grade Style for her 2nd grade class and I was so excited to see that they had an app for grades 3&4 and also 5&6 as well as 1&2!

I am planning on using this app to help on those mornings when I cannot think of a Word of the Day to save my life (especially when I haven't had enough coffee!) :)

To download this free sign, click HERE

For those of you who may be new to my blog, I use Word of the Day as a vocabulary-building transition tool throughout our day. It is a part of our Morning Meeting and I introduce the word to the class, define it, use it in a sentence and then kids need to listen for that word at the end of my directions during the day before they can leave their seat and begin.

It works like a charm and I love it!

I use words from:
  • our social studies & science units
  • character ed lessons
  • current events
  • math terms
  • reading group vocab we have found
  • student-nominated words using my Vistaprint business cards
  • and now this app!
The app goes in alphabetical order and I am not sure how many words there are total, but there seems to be an awful lot! Each word has its part of speech, a definition, and its use in a sentence. There is also the ability to hear the word said aloud, which is awesome!

I hope this helps and I'd love to hear any other easy vocabulary resources you have!


  1. I love your sign! Very fun. Building vocabulary is so important thank you for sharing the resource!

  2. I teach third, and use a book with cartoons for each word a day 180 in total. I start with 2-3 grade book and then mid year jump to the more common words in the 4-6 book. I found some of the vocab words are too easy for my students (ex: kitchen), but many were good. Do you use the words in context to dismiss kids, or just say the word at the end?

    1. Great question, Monica, and I do both! I try to keep it fresh, so sometimes it's just the word, especially if it needs to be quick, other times I will throw it into a sentence, other times I will have a kid use it in the sentence to dismiss by table group, etc. I'm always trying to mix it up and keep it interesting :)



  3. I love your 'word of the day' sign! Do you happen to have a 'number of the day' sign too??