Keeping the Writing Process Organized

Happy Friday!

It's been a busy week full of Parent-Teacher Conferences, so I am super-excited for this weekend of sleeping in and doing nothing :)

One thing I wanted to quickly share with you is how I keep my Writing Process organized with my kiddos. Now that Writer's Workshop is in full-swing, I like kids to be able to be aware of what step of the writing process they are involved in, especially when it comes to revising & editing.

The way I am using this year is to have my Writing Process Mini-Posters hanging in the front of my room in full display and also covering an ugly wire cover (yay dual purpose!).

In the past, I have also had kids use clothespins to attach to these for whatever step of the process they are working on at that point:

Because I have 27 kids this year and these are mini-posters, I am thinking that the full-size clothespins are too big, but the mini-clothespins are going to be perfect-o! If you have a smaller class, the full-size clothespins are a-ok. Note: In the pic above, I am using full-size clothespins.

You could also hang these on a ribbon or attach them to the tops of anchor charts as your headers, if you wanted. These are small and clear enough to be used all over the classroom.

I just uploaded them to my TpT Store HERE and hope you can use them! Have a wonderful fall weekend :)


  1. this is PERFECT! I love the organization!!

  2. These are adorable! I love how organised your classroom is!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

  3. Great organization! Do students find it hard to remember to update their clip for what phase of the writing process they are in?

    Always A Lesson