Helpful Parts of Our Schedule & Star Homework Update

Have you all had the chance to see Cara Carroll's amazing & free! Schedule Cards? I have been using them for a few years now and l.o.v.e. them! She has pretty much every subject under the sun and the clip art she uses for each is adorable :) Click on the picture below to be taken to her TpT Store to download them:

There are two additions to this set that I have loved having this year and I can't wait to share them with you: Ketchup & Pickle Time and Star Homework.

The first one is Ketchup & Pickle Time-- this has honestly saved me so much time this year!! I got these wonderful  cards from Amanda at the First Grade Garden and use them almost every single day!

I use both the schedule card as well as the two larger cards for my white board. I attached magnets to the back and will list the assignments that kids need to finish up under "Ketchup" {catch-up, get it? :)} and then, if they are done with all of that, they are a "Pickle" and can {pick} anything from the list to work on.

We usually allot 15-20 minutes near the end of the day for Ketchup & Pickle time, which is just enough time for me to collect Star Homework from kids.

I still love using the Star Homework model I first described HERE, but I am requiring a few more deliverables now that my kids are getting closer to 4th grade.

On Thursdays, they need to turn in their Spelling Homework (pages from the workbook) and on Fridays, they need to turn in their Response to Text. I like pulling them up one at a time to allow me to check that they have indeed done it, but also to have a few seconds to give some quick verbal feedback about their Response to Texts.

Remember the Daily 5 Worksheet I used last year to keep kids accountable  I am not using it this year during D5 (our time is shorter this year), so I adjusted the menu to be a Response to Text activity. The menu is the same, just the header is different, and if you'd like to download it for free, click the image below or click HERE.

If you would like to get the Star Homework matching schedule card, you can get that for free on Google Docs HERE.

**I now have a FULL year's worth of menus available for purchase.  Read more about Response Menus Across the Year HERE.

I hope these schedule cards can be helpful to you and, if you aren't using Ketchup & Pickle Time or Star Homework, I definitely recommend them :)

Have a wonderful week ahead!


  1. I LOVE the Ketchup and Pickle Time! Thank you for sharing those links! I had no idea about all of those free labels. Holy moley!! I love the Response to Text Menu as well!!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. I love Ketchup and Pickle Time. I think when teachers make "work time" more appealing with cute names most kids will go the extra mile. I have you heard of Mayo and Mustard too? Mayo- Students may work on the following and Mustard- Students Must do the following.

  2. Thank you soo much for sharing the Response to Text Menu! I'm definitely using that with my students to help them summarize what they read during independent reading. Thanks!! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

    1. I'm so glad you can use it :) Thanks so much for your comment and enjoy!

  3. Love your ideas. In the early early stages of beginning Daily 5 myself. Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions. I am new to the blogging world. I'd love it if you'd follow my blog.

  4. Oh my, what a HUGE post! So much information, I'm having to look through it bit by bit, so many great items to get ready for my 'back to school' day next Monday (Western Australia)! Thanks for sharing !!!!

  5. I have been so impressed with your blog and all the stuff you create for awhile now - but I just found out I will be looping up with my kids from second to third so I have already pinned so many of your things. You have excellent ideas and I can't wait to implement them next year. Thanks!

    Amanda Bathman
    Pretty Little Pencils

  6. Where did you get the Star Homework schedule card? I downloaded her cards, but I can't seem to find that one. Thanks! :)