Keeping Table Bins & Supplies Clean + Update

I am loving this update to my Desk Fairy Packet on TpT. {If you have purchased this already, be sure to head over to TpT to download this update for free from your "My Purchases" tab!}

As you may remember, I have tables this year with communal supplies. It has been absolutely lovely, clean, and all-around WAY better than old, awful desks, but what I was noticing was the lack of ownership over these supplies was becoming an issue..... I think the supplies were too communal :) Sure, there were my regular set of lovely thirdsters who always make sure everything is clean, but I needed to make sure my little stinkers who were stabbing/breaking/eating(?) the erasers stopped it immediately (ew!).

Nothing my lovely little Desk/Bin/Cubby Fairy couldn't handle :) She is now the Desk/Bin/Cubby/Table Fairy :)

Here's the scoop: I printed these out in two sizes-- four to a page and two to a page using this tutorial HERE. That saved paper and space and allowed me to laminate them for use and reuse throughout the whole year. I LOVE things in full color but HATE wasting ink and paper, so this system has been perfection when the kids use them to keep their personal bins organized. Here's a pic of the two sizes:

The larger size on the left is going to be put into their table pencil bin-- it's nice and large so they can see it as soon as they walk in the room. I will be leaving this for them to find the next morning if they have all of their dull pencils in the dull pencil bucket, they have nice, lovely erasers in their cup, and they haven't turned their sticky note stack into a flipbook or tons of paper airplanes ;)

Their reward will be a small sticker for each person at the table-- I'm paperclipping it to the card and then they can turn the card back into be for the Table Fairy's next visit.

The smaller size I am using for their table supplies bin that hold markers, color pencils, scissors, and glue. I don't have a pic {sorry!}, but I keep these on a shelf for times we need them. The smaller size will be a fun treat when they need to get them for the next project.

I hope some of you can use this management tip, even if you have a group of desks as a "table"-- anytime the fairy visits our class, it's a huge hit :)

Have a wonderful evening and if you're interested in the Desk/Bin/Cubby/Table Fairy neatness system, check out my previous posts HERE and my poem signs on TpT HERE.


  1. I love these little cards!! I am having the worst problem with dirty kiddos this year! Maybe it's time for some reinforcements!

    1. Thanks, girl! I love how easy-peasy this whole system is :) Good luck!!

  2. What a great idea! My kids have a hard time keeping their "buckets" clean too. I think these would be just the trick to encourage them to tidy up! Thanks for sharing.
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