Magnetic Numbers Roll 'Em

I wanted to share with you a choice we use when it comes to our Math Centers Bingo during Math Rotations.

Have you ever seen the magnetic numbers at the Dollar Tree? Love these guys:

I did buy two sets for one center, but at $1 a piece, it was WAY better than many of the other options out there!

I also bought a small baking tray from Walmart (9"x13" was the smallest I could find, and the price is definitely right!):

Then, I incorporated a die and voila, Magnetic Letters Roll 'Em was ready!

The premise is simple: Students will roll a die and whatever number pops up, they will follow the directions using the magnetic numbers to help.

Skills include adding, subtracting, comparing, rounding, and more with multi-digit numbers.

Click the picture to see this in my TpT Store.
Three sheets are included that practice the same skill, but use different place values. The "easier" sheet practices numbers from the tens to hundreds, the "medium" sheet practices numbers in the hundreds to ten-thousands (shown in picture above), and the "hard" sheet practice numbers from thousands to hundred-thousands.

Similar to my other activities, I laminate both the directions sheet and the answer sheet and store them, along with the baggie of numbers and die, in a large plastic envelope I blogged about HERE.

These sheets are now available in my TpT Store and I hope you can use them in your own centers or even for fast finishers :)

Thanks again for your continued support and stay warm on this snowy weekend!


  1. Very cute idea! I need to head to the dollar store!

  2. oh, I'm so sorry I missed your blogiversary!!! I've been so behind in everything! Congrats, belatedly :) :)

    I love this idea...the kids must have a blast with the magnetic numbers!