Running Out Of Wall Space: This Year's Daily 5 Anchor Charts {x2}

Here was my problem: I have limited wall space (who doesn't?!) and way too many Anchor Charts that I want to hang up throughout the year. After less than a month in, my prime real estate was taken up by only my Daily 5 charts.... hmmmm....


This year, I am doing a few things different. First off, I am not calling Daily 5 by its name. I am instead calling it Reader's Workshop. Not a huge change, and I am still running it like Daily 5, but since we never did it exactly like the book and never had five choices anyway, I just went back to the original when it came to the name. It helps, especially in conversations with parents (who I am not sure ever understood the Daily 5 name).

Also, I am doing small groups in just about every.single.subject (including Writing! More on that soon...), so covering my best Anchor Chart space with only Reader's Workshop expectations was a bit much.

You can see I did my charts a bit different this year from last year and the year before. I wanted to tap into the senses a bit to help with the "looks/feels/sounds like" sections. If you are interested in my charts from last year, click HERE and from the year before, click HERE. Hopefully these three versions can help.

I loved how my Math Rotations Anchor Chart from last year captured all of the sections in one spot, so I decided to recreate it in a Reader's Workshop format:

For more info on what you see, be sure to read my Daily 5 posts HERE.
If you're interested in these images for your own Anchor Chart, they are available for *free* in my TpT Store HERE.

Plus, you know me, I made this year's bookmarks a bit different by just printing them on cardstock and laminating them. I put the kids' names with Vis-a-Vis on the back so they can keep track of them, especially since we have them now for reading, writing and math.... whew!

For information on how to make these bookmarks, click HERE. (It's super easy!)

I love how this chart now takes up a quarter of the room but encapsulates the essence of each Daily 5 choice. I am *very* glad I started out with the individual charts when we were launching each of the choices, but now that they have a month under their belt, this will be a perfect little reminder of the basics for when they forget or get stuck :)

Thank you all and have a wonderful end to your week!


  1. Great idea Stephanie, love the condensed version of the charts.
    Also so glad to hear you are ok after the floods, we get a loot of flooding in Australia so I can completely relate to being in that situation.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  2. Hi Stephanie,

    So in the end, did you take down your original anchor charts to put up your Reader's Workshop chart?


    1. Yep! They had been up for about a month and they were doing really well with Daily 5/Reader's Workshop in action, so I felt comfortable condensing them. I *love* the space this opened up (which I have since covered with new charts!!), while still allowing me to use them for reference. Thanks so much!

    2. Thank you! This idea will greatly free up wall space in my room! We started school two weeks ago, so I'm still in the process of perfecting Daily 5. But this helps me sooooo very much. Thank you!

  3. Your chart paper is huge! Where do you get it?

  4. Thank you for sharing your condensed chart! I now have way more space for MORE charts! LOL :-)

    The Craft of Teaching

  5. I love your charts! I've been researching a lot about the Daily 5! What is your 5th group? Do you do a small tutoring group as that one?

  6. Thank you for sharing! I've been researching a lot about the daily 5. What is your 5th group though?