A Video Walk-Through of My New Interactive Health Notebook

A few years ago, Health showed up on our standards-based report cards and I began to wonder how I could even start to fit one more thing into our already crammed schedule. It seems to get to full with just reading, writing, and math, that some weeks even social studies and science are a challenge, let alone health!

That being said, I knew it was such an important topic because just like reading, writing and math, kids need to be taught strategies and skills to help them live their healthiest possible life. Plus, I didn't mind the refresher info ;)

In the past, I would teach a quick lesson, oftentimes in isolation, we'd fill out a worksheet provided my our curriculum, I would look over and grade it, send it home, and that would be that. A common feeling emerged that, as with *all* things you learn, once usually isn't enough and the lack of connection with lessons across the year made the disconnect even greater.

Thankfully, with the positive impact of Interactive Notebooks in my science and social studies life, I am beginning to use similar techniques with health and am loving the results! I've included it all in my newest product, my Interactive Health Notebook:

Kids keep track of their health strategies and skills in a notebook, we can build off of a previous lesson and into a new one since the work is right there, it's all differentiated and individualized since they are the ones filling it out about them, and best of all, it's *fun*!!

I've made a video that only walks you through a few of the pieces and parts, but I hope you'll be able to get a good feel for the product after watching it (and hearing me ramble!). You can view it here:

If you're interested in the Interactive Health Notebook, you can find it on TpT HERE. Be sure to download the Preview file to see the full list of topics covered.

Thanks so much and let me know if you have any questions :)