The First Few Days of Teaching Nonfiction Text Features

We are starting nonfiction text features in our small reading groups for Teacher Time next week and I am excited to be getting these mini-cards out to help!

I used my tutorial HERE to print two of these to a page, laminated them, and then put a binder ring through the top corner so they can be used with partners and take up less room. I always keep one set in my Teacher Time Bin, but will bring out the reinforcements when we have specific nonfiction texts.

These posters come from my Nonfiction Text Features & Scavenger Hunt Packet on TpT, but I don't start with the Scavenger Hunt part yet (read more about how I do that with our weekly Scholastic News HERE). I want to introduce the features and purposes of each in a small group first so I know they understand (and I don't have to waste a lot of Post-Its!) ;)

Here's what we have in store for early next week:

This is a Level N nonfiction text all about salamanders that's full of nonfiction text features and has great photos that are always high-interest, so that helps! I am going to have the kids read through the mini-cards and look for the feature throughout the book. When they do, I am going to use one of the sheets from my packet in a different way than I usually do:

I usually use this sheet as an end-of-unit assessment where I number different features and they need to identify them and then write their purpose.

Since we're just getting started, however, I am switching it up a bit and will instead have them list the text feature, write the page number in the "#" column, and then list what that feature on that page (or pages) tell us or help us understand. This will definitely include *a lot* of guided practice at first, but it's going to be disguised as a fun activity, so it's a win-win ;)

If you're interested in my Nonfiction Text Features Packet, it can be found on TpT:

I hope this gave you some ideas for introducing nonfiction text features this year :)

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Love these cards:) In my cart now:) My kiddos really need help with nonfiction text features....especially my ELLS....I have 4! They pics on these cards will be great for them:)

    4th Grade Frolics