Bullyproofing Lessons With Our Interactive Health Notebooks

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We used my Health Interactive Notebook a lot this year and I loved the ease of assembling them and filling them in, oftentimes together in a group with some independent and partner work built in.

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Bullyproofing is a topic I like to touch on throughout the year. We talk about it at the beginning by using the Bucket Filling terminology and activities, but around the midpoint of the year, I like to get more specific about bullies and how to get help.

We spoke specifically about the roles in a bullying situation (bully, target, bystander) and how to stand up to help (moving from a bystander to an ally) to some good & bad ways to deal with a bully if you are the target. It was *so* powerful to hear kids use this terminology in class and we even made ally our Word of the Day two days in a row!

We also watched a fabulous BrainPOP, Jr. video (that's FREE!) all about bullying and what to do if you see it or experience it.

Click to go to this free video on BrainPOP, Jr.
Since BrainPOP videos are so short, we usually watch them twice. The first time, I just have the kids watch to get the big picture ideas. We don't take notes or anything, although I will sometimes give them some questions to think about or some look-fors.

The second time we watch it, I will pause it often and we will record our notes into our Interactive Health Notebooks. One that we focused on was what to do and what not to do if you are a target of a bully.

As we watched it the second time, I would pause and record some suggestions on my own chart paper and the kids could record in their own note-catchers that we had previously glued in.

These ideas came straight from the BrainPOP, Jr. movie.

I also had kids take a minute or two to add in their own ideas about what to do, who they could go to, and so on-- many of them had 2-3 ideas on each side of the foldable, I was impressed! I have found that when we talk about Health, the opportunity to include some self-reflection allows them to internalize the lesson much more and connect these activities to their daily lives.

I hope this simple lesson can give you some good ideas for how to incorporate a quick but effective bullyproofing lesson into your week that can get your kids engaged and thinking deeper about their actions and roles in the social dynamics of your school.

Let me know if you have any questions and have a great week ahead!

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