Resolution Helpers Day 2 & Giveaway

Welcome to Day 2 of Resolution Helpers Week!
Each day, I will be sharing a classroom-themed resolution and a product that I have found will help keep that resolution the whole year and beyond. Some of these helpers are from my store, some of them are from publishers, and some are actual objects, but all have helped me in the past and will hopefully help start your new year off right in you classroom!

Classroom Resolution #2: 

I will make sure my small groups in Daily 5, Writing, and Math start and end at the right time! 

This could also be titled, "I will stop answering the question, 'How many more minutes?' from my students in other centers!!" {wink!}

If you're like me, you love to impart all of your pearls of wisdom in small groups and ALWAYS on occasion run over during Teacher Time. You may also have some students whose favorite question is, "How many more minutes?" Or you may have honestly curious kids who want to know how much time is left so they know whether or not to start a new Word Work activity.

No matter what the dilemma is in your class, this product from Learning Resources will be a *lifesaver* like it was for me: The Magnetic Time Tracker!!

This little guy is so simple, but so useful! I simply set the rotation time (usually 18 minutes) then pressed Start.

The small digital display counted down while the light stayed green-- no distraction, although my students could look over at any time and see green, so they knew to keep working.

I used an optional feature to sound a warning (usually 1 or 2 minutes), at which it would make a sound (optional as well), and the light changed to yellow. This was the cue for kids who needed a Bingo signature to come and see me, while all of the other kids knew we had just a minute or so left.

With only a few seconds left, the yellow light starts to flash, then the red light comes on. My kids knew (without me having to say a word) that it was time to start transitioning while I finished up signatures. I could the just head over and press Start again, then head back to Teacher Time to meet with the next group.

The fact this was magnetic was perfect and it hung out in the front of our class under our Word of the Day:

Be sure to check out this product from Learning Resources' website HERE!

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