Hand Sanitizer Bathroom Pass Revisited

I first posted about this idea way back when when I first started blogging: My hand sanitizer bathroom pass:

The original post (and free download) is HERE. It remains one of my most pinned resources and even made it onto Buzzfeed's 25 Clever Classroom Tips last year!

I have the kids leave this pass on their desk/at their table spot when they use the restroom. When they get back, they put the pass back and use the hand sanitizer. It's an added layer of germ-killing! This system also makes it easy for me to see who is out of the room. 

I wanted to make something more snazzy for class, so I present the newest version of my bathroom passes made with the help of my Silhouette Cameo: 

One thing I love about this performance-grade vinyl is that it can hold up against moisture. This is important not just because it will probably get hand sanitizer on it, but it also can be wiped down with a Clorox wipe anytime to keep it germ-free (especially important this time of year!!).

Another reason these are so great is that these containers can be refilled throughout the whole year and always look new and sleek. You can get the bulk hand sanitizer and just refill them, saving the need to buy lots of new containers, so it's better for our planet :)

I bought the sanitizer from the Dollar Store and the front sticker came off very easily. I used the familiar bathroom icons, KG The Last Time font, and some blue and pink vinyl scraps.

I hope this gave you another idea for how you can use your vinyl cutting machine. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you're still staying warm in this long winter season!


  1. This was actually the very first thing I used as a new teacher! I missed the part about it going on their desk so it got really messed up after a month or two, so I re-did them and love them to this day! I don't have a vinyl cutting machine, but that looks cool! I'll have to look into it...and a cameo!

  2. I use your bathroom passes in the first picture and I have loved them since the beginning of the year. I don't have a vinyl cutting machine either. The last thing I need is one more crafting tool! You should sell sets of your vinyl pieces! (*hint, hint, wink, wink*)

    1. Oooo, that's something I hadn't considered, but I will look into it! Thanks for the hint ;)

  3. Love the new and improved passes! I'm going to have to get my Cameo out and do these soon. Where do you get your performance-grade vinyl?

    1. I use craftvinyl.com and get the Oracle 651. It's very sticky, so it doesn't go anywhere! I find it's also easier to cut, too, since it's so high-quality :) Hope that helps and happy crafting!

  4. Ah how I wish I had a Cameo!!
    This idea is genius!
    Miss Elementary

  5. I have been using this all year and it works amazingly well! Thanks so much for sharing! Now... I will definitely have to check out this cameo!!! Seriously... you cut your own vinyl?!?! Amazed!!!
    Dirt Road Teacher

  6. What a cute idea, and it kills two birds with one stone – keeping an eye on where the kids are and ensuring they know how important is it to have clean hands after visiting the bathroom. This should be an initiative in every class for the younger age groups to learn the importance of cleanliness. I am in the plumbing trade and sometimes get asked to visit the local schools to talk to the kids there about ways to save water.


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