QR Critters: Fiction & Nonfiction Questions for Reading Responses

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm around QR Codes in the classroom! I agree-- they are easy and engaging with thousands of possibilities!

I am excited to share my newest resource set with you: QR Critters for Fiction and Nonfiction Reading! These are available individually or as a bundled set in my TpT Store.

I'm going to walk through the Fiction Set, but know that the Nonfiction Set is nearly identical in its setup, but obviously with a nonfiction focus :)

I begin by printing these out and laminating them, then organizing them by topic into their own binder rings. Each are labeled with a number which can be found on the teacher's master list, so you won't have to scramble to scan each of these every time you want to use them for a lesson!

After they are divided, you can keep them in a Daily 5 center choice and/or in your Teacher Time Bin to have them ready to go whenever you need!

Not only are there beginning, during and after reading questions, the fiction set also has genre-specific questions to go deeper with certain elements:

The nice part about all of these QR cards is that they don't need to be used all at once, but you can strategically put several in a binder ring for a certain text and get some very well-rounded responses based on the characteristics of that book.

Or, you could keep them in a big ol' set and binder ring like so:

You can see the colors go in the order of the rainbow, so that will visually help your students with keeping these organized as well.

There are tons of possibilities for using these in your classroom, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • setting a focus for the reading you will do that day
  • partner conversation starters
  • Guided Reading/Teacher Time work
  • Daily 5 accountability
  • extensions for higher readers
  • extra practice for students struggling with a concept
  • informal assessments based on a standard
  • Literature Groups
  • ... and more!

When it comes to using these in your classroom, all you'll need are the cards, the included student response sheet, a pencil, and a QR reader (I like the app QR Reader for my iPhone/iPads).

Then, just scan the QR Code card and a question pops up for your student(s) to answer.

On the top left of the card you'll see the number that corresponds to the teacher "cheat sheet" so you can always know what your students are answering. They will record the number in the circle on their response sheet and there's room for two responses per page. This encourages complete sentences and also gives enough room to cite evidence and examples from the text, which is a part of many of the prompts.

The Nonfiction set is very similar, although it does not have genre-specific cards, so there are 60 Nonfiction cards as opposed to the 78 Fiction cards.

You can get these individually from my TpT Store or you can pick them up as a discounted bundled set. Just click on the item below to be taken to its page and read all about the Common Core Standards these cards address. If you are also an owner of my top-selling Nonfiction Text Features pack, the Nonfiction QR Critters will go along perfectly!

Thank you again for your excitement and support! You have no idea how inspiring it is to get your notes and see how you use these in class! I hope these make a great addition to your Teacher Time Bin and/or reader's response toolkit and I'll be back with more QR Codes as the year progresses!


  1. I love to use google drive to communicate more efficiently with my kids. My kids love to collaborate together on the same writing piece in google drive. Google has changed my whole outlook on the way I use technology in the classroom. Thank you for the giveaway!!

  2. I am absolutely in love with QR codes! The kids seem to think they are playing instead of working, which I think is fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity. These look fantastic!!!!

  3. These look great and very engaging! This is a great way to integrate technology, reading, and writing!

  4. These look fantastic! What a fun activity to use with my students. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  5. I only have 8 laptops in my room, so anytime I can incorporate other technologies in my class I am all for it! Love the idea of using QR codes...

  6. I am loving QR codes in the classroom. My kids are fortunate to share five ipad minis and love apps like NewsOMatic too.

  7. We are quite limited with technology, but I have made some QR activities that the students have loved. Fingers crossed to add this to our work!

  8. Trying to get into more technology but we don't have a lot of hardware in our class. I will be getting 1 ipad soon and I have 2 computers and a Smartboard. I am eager to try out the QR codes!! Looks like fun!!

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  10. I use QR codes in the classroom as a reward system. The students love scanning them with the iPods to see what their reward is!

  11. I use technology a lot in my classroom. We do a lot of projects where we create things on presentation apps like tellegami or prezi but my favorite way to use technology is to practice essential skills like math facts and reading comprehension. Those things can be so boring to kids sometimes and technology makes them much more fun!

  12. I love using QR codes and we just got our first Google Chromebook and are starting to work with Google Docs and Forms - very excited to see where we will go!

  13. My students love QR codes to do anything. It gets them excited. Also, I like making playlists on youtube for them to watch and then take notes on to write their blog entries. This way they can practice their note taking, listening, and writing skills.

  14. This is AWESOME! I am trying to use more technology in the classroom. I just received an ipad for a teacher tool.....I can't wait to use these QR codes in my classroom :) Thank you SO much for sharing!

  15. What a great tool. We use Read Write & Gold with our dyslexic students.

  16. Working on doing Reading response on Google Docs or other app.

  17. Love these! My kids go bananas for QR codes so I use them whenever possible. I also love having kids practice skills with technology because then they think it's fun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. I love these! I am now using iPads in my centers, QR Codes, a ClassBlog, and lots of fun apps and activities like fotobabble.com and ZooBurst.com
    Check out our NEW class blog at http://mrsarsaniansclass.edublogs.org/

  19. We are slowly becoming a technology driven school and so therefore I try and incorporate as much as possible with what we have. Next year we're all getting a few ipads yay!!

  20. I would love to use these in my classroom.

    1. I use QR codes every day as my writing prompt. I also use ipads as center work to either listen to stories, play word making games, or other apps.

  21. Those look interesting! I totally need to redo my classroom library so that students can find books by genre. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set!

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  22. I like google docs and QR Codes.

  23. Oh my gosh, I use tech in my room every single day! I am lucky enough to have a class set of Chromebooks as well as several iPads. My kids are becoming Google Docs experts and do almost all of our writing including peer editing there. We also have a class blog that they love to "talk" on and so much more!

  24. We sadly have very little technology in my classroom (just an Ipad and my laptop) but I like using Youtube videos and Ipad apps! I'm really interested in using QR codes!