Sharing My {Love} of Scentos!

If you've followed teacher blogs for a while, there's no doubt you've heard of Scentos. This company is by far my favorite for all things teacher supply since everything they sell is scented!! Yes, it's amazing :)

Plus, as you can see, they have everything you need for your teacher and classroom needs!

Here are a few ways I love using them in class:

Partner Editing Bin

Scentos has these fantastic pens with the different ink choices-- I totally remember these from my elementary days!-- that work perfectly for partner editing in writing time! When kids meet with their partner, they grab a pen and get to work. They can choose the color and work on circling misspellings, making editing marks, writing comments and questions in the margins, and more. At the end, they can stamp their partner's work with a Scentos stamp of their choice or with smelly stickers.... loads of fun for what was once a pretty boring process :)

Making Anchor Charts

I love using Scentos to make my anchor charts and because they are so easy to distinguish from other markers, I can always make sure they are available for me to use with my kids. I always set up my anchor charts the afternoon before and leave parts of them empty to fill in together with my class during the lesson. I always make my headers with Scentos markers and then outline with black Sharpie so they pop against our wall when I hang them up. I also print out clip art (since I am NO artist!) and glue them to the charts to help the kids visually, too! There is something about writing with smelly markers at the end of a long day that makes me smile ear to ear, know what I mean?

Fun Treats for Students

Obviously, my kids love Scentos as much as I do, so it's easy to use their pencils, stickers, and markers to inject some fun into our projects. You've probably seen their larger markers (shown on the top right) in stores everywhere and they make the perfect student marker for writing on posters and anchor charts. Plus, Scentos has pencils (both color and #2) with scents, so they are great to use during Teacher Time as a fun reward for great answers, collaborations, discussions, and more.

If you're interested in finding Scentos for your own class, you can in stores everywhere. Click HERE to see the specifics and even more products (including bubbles, glue, and chalk!).

Disclaimer: Scentos sent me these products to test, but all opinions, photos, and recommendations are my own. I only recommend what I use and love!


  1. Who doesn't love something scented? least who doesn't love Scentos? ;). I haven't seen some of these Scentos items before! Thanks for sharing. Looks like I'll be shopping soon!
    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I didn't know they made pencils, too! I hope that I can find some!

    Searching for Teacher Balance

  3. I haven't seen Scentos before! Next time I am at Target I am going to search high and low! Now I HAVE TO HAVE THEM! :)

    Funky in Fourth

  4. Check out Amazon. They have a huge assortment of all of the Scentos products.