Classroom Job: Class Greeter

I love class jobs and always try to have every child involved in the management and flow of our day. Not only does this release my time so I can focus on more important things, but it truly provides ownership for my students that this room is their classroom, not just mine.

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I am so fortunate to work in a school with super-creative teachers and I tend to steal  borrow many of their ideas for my own room. This is such a great example of one of those times!!

My Morning Meeting Leader is a key job that every student will have at least once throughout the year (we switch weekly, so some will be Meeting Leader twice). This person is responsible for leading our class in Morning Meeting and really getting us off to a good start to our day. To read more about Morning Meeting, click HERE.

My teammate had a wonderful idea to keep this leadership role up throughout the day and it made perfect sense! Since the Meeting Leader is in charge of starting the Greeting in the morning (where each student greets the student next to them by name), they can keep up that role as Class Greeter during the day.

This simple sign is right next to our door to help. Now, whenever a parent, support teacher, the principal, another staff member, etc. comes to our door, our Meeting Leader is in charge of greeting them using this script. They are also encouraged to shake their hand and we're now working on a firm (not wet noodle!) handshake :)

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I am thrilled that my students will now be developing their leadership skills beyond their comfort zone and also take more responsibility and ownership of our classroom.

How does your class welcome visitors? (I'll be honest, before this sign, students never did! It was always my role. But I know there are tons more ideas out there and I'd love to hear them in the comments!!)


  1. I LOVE how clean your job board looks. Can you tell me where you got those super cute number magnets?

  2. I love this idea and thanks for sharing! We are working our way up to jobs and I haven't had anyone take over Morning Meeting since we just began week 4. Maybe tomorrow! We did discuss Greeter and right after, we had our Performing Arts teacher show up. One of my kiddos asked if it was ok to greet him. He was so excited! It's one of my favorite jobs.

  3. My school requires us to have student greeters (although I'd have that job anyway). In addition to the sign you have for your student greeters, I have a sign on the outside of the door that says, "We are practicing the life skill of courtesy. Please knock so we may greet you." If someone is coming in to observe, the student greeter shows them to a seat. Also, some teachers in my school have a doorbell to ring instead of having people knock. :)