Technology Resources for Valentine's Day

I cannot believe Valentine's Day is almost here! To help celebrate, I've compiled five fun and engaging technology resources for your students. I know these will be a hit in your classroom even beyond this sweet season!

Shape Poems with

I have shared my love for before and these shape poems are a great way to practice a quick poetry lesson in a Valentine's-themed way! Many shapes are available, but I choose the heart shape and then have kids practice writing Valentines to school helpers. It's a sweet way to spread the love this holiday and also very easy to differentiate for all of the learners in your class.

To find this shape poem maker, click HERE.

Valentine's Typing

Kids *all* need help with typing, especially as the assessments they take move towards more computer-based tests (sigh). Anyways, this is a fun way for kids to review letters on the keyboard. Letters come up from the bottom and kids need to type the letter before it reaches the top. This starts easy with one letter at a time, but gets progressively more challenging with multiple letter hearts as the game continues. There is no teaching or reinforcement of hand positions in this game, so adjust for that as you introduce this. We have been using (through our district) this year, so I will encourage proper hand position before they play to hopefully reinforce these lessons we've been learning!

To practice Valentine's Typing, click HERE.

Valentine Hearts Sudoku

Some people are *amazing* at Sudoku.... I am not one of those people. Thankfully, this game is based on colors and there is a huge "HINT" button on the bottom, which makes this accessible to players of all levels! These types of games are so good for the brain, but we often don't have time to squeeze them into our day. Hopefully this game can get even more kids learning about and practicing Sudoku!

Find Hearts Sudoku HERE.

My Money Valentine

Calling all fellow children of the '80's! Do you remember the old computer game "Lemonade" where you had to stock your Lemonade Stand and then sell, hoping you bought just the right amount of lemons and sugar to turn a profit? This game completely took me back to that and so I knew this would be a huge hit with my kids!! You will need to stock your store with Valentine's Day merchandise and then open for business. At the end of the day, you see the profit you made and then adjust for the next sales day. These games never get old and you can really teach about some cool economic concepts as well! Try it yourself and I promise you'll be hooked :)

To open your store on My Money Valentine, click HERE.

Valentine Word Drop Game

This game surprised me. I thought at first it would be too simple for my third graders, but the speed made it a fun challenge and my Valentine's vocab was really put to the test! Scrambled words drop from the top and you will need to click on two letters to switch their places. Do this several times until the word is spelled correctly. It's a great review, especially since many of the words are found in my Valentine's Day Word Work packet, so it pairs very well! Love when that happens :)

To practice the Valentine Word Drop, click HERE.

I hope these activities can spruce up your technology usage this month and that your kids enjoy the games as much as mine did!

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There are Word Work, writing prompts, writing with idioms, QR math problems, and more!

And now, a special Valentine for you!

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