Fun Finds for Your Classroom at Target's Dollar Spot

Like many of you, the combination of Target's Dollar Spot and Back to School shopping is one of the few things that can pull me away from summertime bliss and get me inspired for next year!

Our Target's Dollar Spot just got stocked with some great school-themed items and it was all I could do to not put it all in my cart! However, I did try to be a little intentional (don't go broke saving money, right?) and I'm going to share some of my plans here, with more to come!


For just $1 each, they had these calendar toppers and a map with the United States with capitals. I can't wait to use the large laminator at school when we're back and hang these in the classroom. My current monthly toppers have been used for years and I'm tired of them, especially when replacements are just $1! They did have a calendar for $1 as well, but I actually do love my current one, so I saved up for other purchases!

Foam Dice

I have had a TpT product in the works for-EVER, and it requires a student to use dice. These may just the be inspiration I need to finish it up and get it incorporated in my classroom! More info soon, but these dice are nice and big, with lots of color choices, which is always a plus!

Birthday Bundles for Students

I get these prepped at the beginning of the year so they are ready to go on the day of the student's birthday (or half-birthday, if they are in the summertime). These bundles include a card, bookmark, birthday pencil and colorful eraser. I will leave them on their table spot that morning so it's waiting for them when they walk into the classroom. We do a Birthday Circle during Morning Meeting (more about that HERE), so I want them to know all morning long that we're celebrating them!

Pencil Rewards

I'm adjusting my Clip Chart system this year (....again! More on that closer to Back to School), so these will be used as rewards for class management. I am also leaning away from communal pencils and want to use something like Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files Pencil Challenge, so I'm hoping these fun pencils will encourage kids to not only work for them as a reward, but keep them nice and take responsibility for them. Of course, the adorable star tin was the perfect storage solution :)

Word Work Stamps

My kids *loved* the Stamps center last year for Word Work! I originally used some smaller stamps from Michael's dollar bins (read more HERE), but the problem with dollar bins is that the inventory is easy come, easy go. I wanted to replace a few stamp sets with missing letters and couldn't find them any more.... bummer! So I found these stamps, storage bins, and washable ink and am hoping they will be a good replacement. I know with such a low investment, these probably won't last for years and years, but with how small they are and how often they get lost, I am okay with hunting for a few replacements each summer.

Stickers & Random Items

I love Target stickers and stock up like crazy over the summer. I also loved extra pencils for random gifts/rewards/etc., and the stamps are great for quick grading, especially for things that we've done together in class that doesn't need to be "officially" graded.

The speech bubbles make me happy to try out this door I saw on Pinterest last year, and you *know* it would be a great fit in my class! Find out more HERE!

Chalkboard Bins

Love these teal bins with chalkboard labels! I will probably organize some of my units in these bins since they are much more sturdy than the cardboard magazine files I grabbed from Target last year. Plus, they are teal, so I had to purchase them :)

I hope your Target is stocked with these goodies soon and, believe it or not, I didn't pick up a LOT of other fantastic ideas for the classroom! Have you been Dollar Spot shopping? Share what you picked up and how you'll use it! I may head out for Round 2 ;)


  1. So fun! You did GREAT with your haul! :) That door will be adorable, too! :)

    Primary Polka Dots

  2. I will begin teaching 3rd grade this year for the first time after teaching Kindergarten for 18 years. YIKES! I loved reading this post about your Target goodies. It's so relieving that the 3rd graders will still enjoy some of the same things as Kinder did, and that I am still able to use a lot of my stuff in 3rd grade.

  3. I am so obsessed with the Target dollar spot. I can't get enough!!! They always have cute stuff for the classroom. You got so many adorable things!

    Caffeine and Lesson Plans

  4. Oh my I cannot wait until my target gets back to school items. I love the real bins and birthday pack. That door is a"door'able!! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. LOVE those teal bins!! I am trying to find some!! I might have to head back to Target again tomorrow!! Love your deals!! Great finds!!

    Mrs. 3rd Grade 

  6. AHHHHH!!! My closest Target is 30 minutes away!!! I never get there! I may have to venture out today or tomorrow though because you got some GREAT things!!! I wish the bins were red - teal would not go with my room color theme (and that would bug me)! They are super cute though!

    Becky from

  7. I made a special trip to Target for the teal chalkboard bins, but no luck. So sad. Had to console myself with a small teal supply caddy. (Couldn't find the bins online either.) Boo!

    1. Boo is right! It stinks when their Dollar Spots aren't consistent :( Hoping you come across some on the next trip!

  8. LOVE what you found at the Dollar Spot at Target! I will have to get there sometime soon (without my daughter, as I spend even MORE when she is with me). I can't wait to read more of your teaching ideas!