Creating Easy Number Magnets

A common question I'm asked is how to make the number magnets I use in my Classroom Jobs post HERE. I number my students for so many reasons throughout the year (read more HERE) and this is such a space-saver on my job board! I originally bought these magnets on Etsy, but this year presented a unique challenge....

I was faced with a dilemma as my class size grew and I realized I didn't have enough number magnets to support all of the kids in my class. A trip to Hobby Lobby in desperation actually yielded a great alternative that I really love!

The supplies are easy to come by and there are a lot of alternatives to really make these your own!

Supplies List

1. 1" Number Stickers: You can purchase these (if you could find them, I had trouble) or you can make your own if you have a Cameo (which I did). You could use regular number stickers or even a Sharpie or paint pen to write your own! This is the part that you can make as simple or creative as you'd like! In fact, you could even glue in student pictures if you don't use student numbers.... so many possibilities!

2. E6000: If you haven't used this glue, it's *intense* but holds everything, which is important since you'll need a strong bond with these materials

3. Flattened Bottlecaps: These are in the craft embellishment aisle and come as actual bottlecaps or flattened. I recommend the flattened and they come in white and black, although you could always spray paint them to match any decor!

4. Heavy-Duty Magnets: There were 50 in a pack and are amazingly strong! They will need to stay put but also move a lot all year, so for $8 (plus a 40% off coupon), these were well-worth the money!

5. Resin Covers: I thought I would need these, but they didn't stick as well as I would have liked, so I returned them. You may need them to protect your numbers from heavy use, but they weren't necessary for my needs.


I don't even have any pictures of the assembly since it went so quickly! Magnets glued to one side and numbers stuck to the other. I let the glue dry overnight and they were good to go!

Final Product

I am thrilled with how these turned out, especially since they were so easy to make! They are clear, strong, and durable, so I couldn't ask for much more.

I hope this helped if you use my Chevron Classroom Jobs or if you number your students in your class for any reason.

Have a great week and happy crafting!


  1. They look great! Thanks for the clear instructions. I'm off to Michael's today. I just picked up my coupon before I read your blog! Thanks.
    Always Primary