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I am a huge fan of all things Erin Condren, so whenever they give me the opportunity to review a new product, I jump at the chance!

What I love about all of her products is how she combines the simplicity with function and tons of style. I have also found that her products can be adjusted to fit nearly any possible scenario, as in the new Academic Planner that has recently launched!

Academic Planner

This planner is dateless and runs for six months, so it can be used for any year and any grading system (trimester, semester, etc.). I received the rose gold in Art Deco Metallic and it is stunning!

Here are some inside peeks:

Because there is so much flexibility with these planners, I am thinking about using them to track reading groups and individual reading progress during Teacher Time. When we meet in small groups, I can track our progress in the book we are studying, make notes about each student, and think about upcoming due dates. Although our grading and report cards are done online, I am still one of those people who NEEDS to handwrite anything if I want it to stick. This will be a perfect place to jot notes and keep these ideas in an easy-to-find place.

I'm putting my students' names under "Class" and notes and observations under "Assignment". Any follow-up or extra notation I can put in the last column if I need to. Because this is already organized by day and by month, I anticipate it will be much easier to keep track of progress and follow-up than my sometimes random system on GoogleDocs or on my notes pages that require me to sort and date.

Of course, this would also be the perfect gift for a student in your life. I was obsessed with academic planners way back in my high school days, and something like this would have been beyond perfect!

Other Goodies

I was also sent some familiar favorites and new products pictured below.

The top picture shows the "New You" bundle that is a great way to get your hands on a lot of fun products for a discounted price.

As usual, the items that jumped out at me right away, and are also getting great use in my classroom, are the writing tools! I have been obsessed with EC's wet erase markers and to see four new shades made me squeal! I was afraid they would be too light-- I use them on my class calendar and found their tips to be very sturdy for writing all sorts of things-- but I was pleasantly surprised how vibrant the colors are!

The other thing that caught my attention were the dual-tipped markers. I had to try them out right away and absolutely love them! The fine tip is a bit finer than a Flair maker, while the medium tip is more like a thin Crayola marker. Plus, the colors themselves are just perfect!

The new sticker book is also beautiful and includes a lot of metallic, which is just such a beautiful way to spruce up everything from your Life Planner, to Teacher Planner, to notes you write to friends or families.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with this new line of products designed to make our lives more organized, but by staying so stylish and functional along the way. Thanks to Erin Condren for sending me these goodies to try and be sure to see all of these and more HERE. To read more about how I use her products in my classroom and life, click HERE.

For $10 off your first Erin Condren order, click HERE.

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