Deluxe Hamburger Paragraph Planning

One of my favorite writing lessons is all about the Hamburger Paragraph Plan. It is such a third grade-friendly layout and something that provides enough structure to help any student feel success with their writing.

For more on how I introduce this with my class at the beginning of the year, click HERE.

As the year progresses, I want to up the complexity of their paragraphs by encouraging them to add in details, descriptions, and examples. It's at this point that I introduce the Deluxe Hamburger Paragraph.

I made this anchor chart this year, with help from some students about preferred toppings:

This expands on our original Hamburger Plan by adding in a space for examples and descriptions after each reason/support/detail. It's awesome to see how their paragraphs improve with this simple addition and really help take their writing to the next level!

*Quick Note: The green light reminds kids to have a "go" introduction sentence and the red light reminds them to add a "stop" conclusion sentence. Many times, I will have them underline their intro sentence in green and their conclusion sentence in red to reinforce this.

I have updated my popular Hamburger Plan for Paragraph Writing to now include posters, notebook helpers, and plan outlines for the Deluxe Plan. You can redownload if your currently own this, or check it out in my TpT Store HERE.

Happy paragraph writing!

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  1. Love this idea.

    I have seen smaller versions of this before but this is a great anchor chart.

    Great post :)