Monthly Thoughts: May

Happy Spring and welcome to May's "Monthly Thoughts"!

Each month this school year, I will be uploading a clickable PDF themed around that month. There will be twenty ideas on that page that will link you to a post, idea, resource, freebie, quote, etc. from my blog or store. Each month will be a new collection of ideas, both old and new, and I hope it will help make the school year and planning easier to navigate.

Be sure to download the calendar page from my TpT Store HERE each month when it's released. It's a clickable PDF, so you will be redirected to my blog, TpT Store, or another website for all of the information when you click the small image.

While I have themed many of the months around holiday items, there are also plenty of ideas geared towards other academic areas, like nonfiction, getting ready for state tests, and more. And if these don't align with your own scope and sequence, hopefully a few can add to your bag of tricks when you do cover those topics in your own classroom.

Today I'm offering the calendar of May, which you can find in my TpT Store HERE.

Monthly Thoughts: May

Click the image to be taken to a free download in my TpT Store

If you're looking for some great end-of-year activities, I've compiled a list of my favorite read alouds an updated my popular Smile File class activity. I'm also sharing gift ideas for students and staff.

As with many of the holidays throughout the year, you can find summer and holiday-themed Word Work and Writing Prompts, as well as QR Codes for math computation practice. There is also a Memorial Day-themed Word Work packet for the upcoming day of remembrance.

There's plenty more, so take your pick and click away to find more information on any and all of the images you see.

Download HERE and enjoy! I hope these ideas will get you excited for the month ahead!

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  1. I like it! I've already printed it and put it on the wall. My toddlers are very happy. Thank you!
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