Writing End-of-Year Brochures to Welcome Next Year's Class

Another fun end-of-year tradition is to have students write to next year's class about the fun and excitement that awaits them in third grade!

This brochure is a great last week activity and allows the whole class to reminisce about the year we experienced together, all of the projects, field trips, guest speakers, units, exciting moments, and more that happened over the past 180 days.

We brainstorm a list on the front board and I let kids dive-in and create this from their heart. While they can introduce themselves, we don't give out class lists until the end of summer, so it isn't addressed to any one second grader in particular.

On the first day of school (sometimes Open House, it depends), I will place these at the incoming third grader's table spots. That way, they have something to read that can get them excited about the year ahead.

The front flap is a fun intro to the grade and the inside flap is an intro to the author. Oftentimes, kids will draw a self-portrait in that box.

The inside three panels cover everything a future third grader can expect to learn and do in their year ahead. The last column is always my favorite, since it is usually about me drinking coffee or loving Disney World.... all cute tips for getting to know the teacher and the classroom better!

I have made these for first through fifth grade and it's available in my TpT Store HERE. I hope you and your students enjoy this walk down memory lane together while thinking about teaching next year's kids all about your classroom and the great experiences that await them!

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