A Peek Inside My Parent-Teacher Conference Folders

We are wrapping up our Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences and I wanted to take a minute to share what I put inside of the folders I give to parents each conference.

At our grade level, we do not do student-led conferences and we have only twenty minutes to meet, so I want to stay organized and give as much information as I can in the short amount of time.

Plus, I want parents to go home with the information and be able to have it available if they have any follow-up questions.

I like having several student sheets to balance out the data sheets they will be receiving. Those reading reports, while informative, can seem impersonal. I want to bring in the goals, hopes, and favorites of their child's experience in third grade wherever I can.

The main information I include is:

These are collected, sorted, and placed into student-decorated folders. These are just 8 1/2x11" pages I've copied onto 11x17" sheets and folded over. I update the info each conference and pass them out to the students to decorate.

I organize each of these folders in conference-order, so I can grab-and-go and not waste any time getting information organized.

I use student numbers (more info on that HERE) and put those on the top right corner to make it easier when I am filing all of the paperwork.

These folders also come in very handy for general paperwork I want to make sure everyone sees. Especially at our first set of conferences in October, I want to be able to walk them through a few key topics.

One handout I always like to include is one on Growth Mindset (I am in *love* with Sarah Gardner's found HERE). Because this is such a huge focus all year long, I want parents to hear about it from me instead of hoping they see it in a folder or backpack at the end of the week.

I can also put in some review sheets and extra practice packets for those kiddos who may be struggling. I can review it with the parents at the conference and they have a convenient way to keep the information together so it can all make it home in one piece.

If you're interested in the folder covers, there are ten different versions available for free HERE. Simply open the file in PowerPoint and switch the text to your grade, school, name and year.

The font I used is KG She Persisted, found HERE.

Happy conferencing!

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