Candy Bar Graphing: Edible Math Activity

I love Halloween and Valentine's Day and always want to include holiday-themed work in our math class that day.

One of the most popular activities I've done over the years is my Candy Bar Graphing activity.

Not that you need a holiday to use this product! Any time you need a quick, interactive, and yummy activity, this definitely fits the bill!

All that is needed are individual packets of multi-colored candy and my print-and-go packet (found on TpT HERE). 

Some of the candy I have loved using is Skittles or the conversation hearts found around Valentine's Day.

Simply pass out a packet of candy and graphing sheets to each student and you're ready to review bar graphs!

The first page has students sort by color. The color choices are left blank, so you can use this with any candy you would like.

After they have sorted, it's time to graph! There are two choices: vertical and horizontal bar graphs. I prefer students to practice making both. They will need to label the axes, the color choices, and the quantity. 

The last step is an observation sheet that has several sentence starters to get them thinking about their data. By this time, I let them eat the candy as they write, but you can also have them finish the packet before they dive in!

Note: In my initial use of this activity, I had heart-shaped font and students made observations on lined paper. I adjusted the product to include an observation sheet and changed the hearts to circles so it can be used for any holiday or general lesson.

If you'd like to try this product with your class, you can pick up this activity on TpT HERE.

Happy graphing!

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