New YouTube Series: Brain Breaks in the Classroom

This 2020-2021 school year is going to be brand new territory for every single person and that feels pretty daunting, honestly.

With the uncertainty of where classes will be held, and with the new restrictions in place, it brings up a lot of anxiety in this teacher, that's for sure! New teachers, parents, admin, and most importantly, our students are also feeling this shift in energy and it can feel very overwhelming!

As with most things that feel big and out of our direct control, movement and calming strategies are some ways to get ourselves grounded again.

So many of you have been longtime users and supporters of Brain Breaks, so I wanted to take some time before this school year starts, to get intentional about Brain Breaks and how we can use them in our classrooms-- whether they be in-person, hybrid, or digital.

With limited adult and peer interaction, restricted recesses and playtime, and just the overall feeling of uncertainty, it feels that these types of Brain Breaks are more important now that ever before.

I am launching a Brain Breaks Series on YouTube to give you bite-sized ideas about assembling, preparing, organizing, and implementing Brain Breaks as a teacher (or parent!) this year.

*Update: The clipart in my Brain Breaks has been completely revamped! Now there are diverse students showing the poses whenever possible. If you have already purchased these, you can redownload the updated version now!

The first episode is all about creating quick handheld versions and is available to watch HERE.

Future episodes will be all about incorporating them into your distance learning lessons, ways to organize them best, creative strategies to choose (or have students choose, safely!) different breaks, and different categories to help you grab-and-go on the fly. We'll talk about accommodating for new restrictions, how to adapt from my best-selling Brain Breaks set to any learning situation, and more!

If you haven't seen my newest set, Breath-Focused Brain Breaks, I encourage you to check them out, as they are ideal for helping refocus and require very little time, but offer a big payoff to both you and your students.

See all of my Brain Breaks on TpT HERE.

And take a look through all of my previous Brain Breaks posts HERE.

What topics would you like me to explore on this series? Is there a question I can help answer? Leave a comment below and I look forward to helping you and the opportunity for us to help each other through this ever-changing back-to-school time.

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