My Favorite Growth Mindset Read Alouds

If you've been following me for a while, you know I am a huge fan of Growth Mindset! Check out many previous posts HERE. I have found, especially in third grade, that this has been a great discussion point throughout the whole year and has shifted the conversations in our classroom to be more about improvement instead of achievement.

I am so excited to be sharing some amazing book titles that can help you continue these discussions all year long with your class. Several great titles I previously included in my Back to School Read Alouds HERE, so be sure to check those out if you haven't.

Continuing in this list are two books by Peter Reynolds, The Dot and Going Places. I just can't get enough of his books, his illustrations, and his powerful, yet kid-friendly messages. I'm including two books that are incredible biographies about people who showed a Growth Mindset in their own lives: Drum Dream Girl and Emmanuel's Dream. And Rosie Revere, while not a biography, is still an engaging tale about never giving up. If you haven't read it before, be sure to read A Perfectly Messed Up Story-- it's a humorous look at "messing up" that I'm sure most of your kids can relate to... I definitely can myself!

To read more about these books, simply click on any of the covers below. Each will link you directly to its page on Amazon where you can preview the inside, read the reviews, and find similar titles. 

Click away here: 

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I hope this list gives you lots of ideas for read alouds for any time of year. Be sure to let me know of any additional titles in the comments below. I would love to add to this collection!


  1. My class (and I) loved "The Most Magnificent Thing"

  2. I always share "The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes". A good read for little perfectionists.

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