Whole Brain Teaching Posters with Clip Art

**UPDATE: These are back for FREE in my TpT Store :)

I have made a second set of the Whole Brain Teaching Posters- these include clip art and have different color fonts. They would be perfect for a primary classroom, or any classroom implementing Whole Brain Teaching :)

These posters include the five most common Whole Brain Teaching sayings:
  • Class? Yes!
  • Teach. Okay!
  • Mirror
  • Yes! No Way!!
  • Hands & Eyes
  • Switch!
The clip art is from Scrappin' Doodles and I think they have the cutest designs, don't you!?

Snazzy chevron more your style? No worries! That's available, too :)


  1. These are really cute. I wish the "hands and eyes" and "Yes! No way!" clipart made a little more sense, though. My kiddos would get confused (and my admins probably would too, haha!)

  2. I have the clip art ones on my wishlist. It looks like they are on sale now.

    Little Treasures

  3. BW, I use the signs as a visual, colorful reminder. If you wanted them to look exactly like the motions or body movement, a nice idea might be to take a picture of a child doing "Hands & Eyes" and then blow it up to 8x10" and hang it next to the sign or underneath it. That way, kids can have a fun sign and a photo reminder :)

    Lorena, YES, these are on sale! I usually discount the items I first put on TpT for a week or so. I'm so glad you like them :)

    Miss Nelson, thanks so much for your sweet comment :)


  4. Stephanie,

    I am looking at your store..and can't find the whole brain teaching posters? Am I overlooking them? Help! :)

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Unfortunately, I had to pull them for copyright reasons :( I am so sorry!


    2. Sarah- They are back for FREE! Yay :)

      Check them out in my TpT Store by clicking the link above- thanks!