5 iPad Apps for Math Fact Practice

As you know, I was fortunate to receive 4 iPads in my class, thanks to DonorsChoose.org and generous donors.

They have been wonderful! You can see how I set them up HERE with a anchor chart, passes, and color-coded system.

We have started using these in class during Math Rotations and they are available for students to use during Fact Practice. Here are some of my most favorite apps:

I know there are hundreds more out there, so please leave your own favorites in the comments below :)

Not all of these are free, but for less than a cup of coffee, I am able to get these on each iPad and have full access to their features, so they seem very, very worth it to me.

Math Board

There is a free addition-only version of this that I downloaded to preview the product, and that convinced me to buy the full-version later that day! There are LOADS of possibilities for this app, which looks just like a chalkboard and allows kids to use different color chalk to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. My kids love that feature and I love that I can adjust the place values, operations, number of problems in a session, and more. I definitely recommend getting started with the free version and I am sure you will be hooked like me!

Time Tables

This is a free app that is very simple and yet very fun. There are ads on the bottom, but I don't find they interfere with the game. This app gives multiplication fact practice from 1-12 and will keep going until you answer a problem wrong. When you do get one wrong, it displays the correct answer and you start over. I have enjoyed watching the kids try to beat their old streak and the interface is very simple and easy to use-- perfect for independent student work!

Math Garden

This is BY FAR my students' most favorite app! Once you start playing, you see why :) It not only has three levels of play (I make my students do medium or hard), but you can adjust the operations used (choose 1, 2, 3, or all 4) and several things to manage during play. Each correct answer equals one "watering can". You can choose to plant corn in the field as you go, but will need to water to keep your field growing-- this was such a great way to "time" the kids without feeling the pressure of a clock!! It requires planning ahead-- one of my students even said it was a great way to practice Habit 2 and "Having a Plan" {love!}-- and is one of the most engaging apps, even for an adult. It is not free, but well worth the money!

Times Table Lab

This is from the same developer as Math Garden and requires you to fill in a multiplication table that grows by a factor each level. It is very simple and easy to use (again, wonderful for independent practice!) and I love that it requires kids to think backwards about a multiplication problem-- instead of being given to factors, they have to think about the product and where it fits in the table.


I have recently started using ScootPad in class on our computers, but LOVE the iPad app even more! It is a wonderful program that uses Common Core Standards and allows you to track a students progress across each of the math standards. There's too much to explain, and I feel I have only begun scratching the surface myself, but here are two links to in-depth reviews that helped me out a lot:

What apps {paid or free} do you like to use with your students for math? Please leave your favorites in the comments-- I would love to try them out!


  1. I love ScootPad!! It's to die for. So, so fabulous!

  2. Thanks for the app reviews and the shout out! I finally got an iPad for my classroom last week! I'm so excited! I downloaded a bunch of math apps and will do some reviewing during my spring break :)

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. Can't wait to read about what you're using! There are so many possibilities, I love them all :)

  3. Awesome! I'm ging to share this with the parents of my 3rd graders. We're always looking for fun ways to boost fact power at home.

  4. Great Post. I'm a big fan of Operation Math, where you can be the James Bond of math facts.

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

  5. I'm totally jealous that you have new iPads for your classroom! Do you have any advice for getting iPads from Donors Choose? I have had 11 projects funded, but nothing too big. I am nervous about posting iPad projects and them not getting funded. I was just wondering if you waited for a match and what you asked for with each (?) grant. Thank you SO much!


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