A Video Walk-Through of My Bloom's Brochures

Since it's the summer and I don't have a willing class of guinea pigs lovely students, I thought a video may be a bit more helpful than pictures for one of my newest products: Bloom's Brochures {Fiction}.

So, without further ado:

To sum up:

  • There are five different activities per brochure for a total of 30 different fiction response activities (nonfiction is coming soon!).
  • These are CCSS-aligned and can be used with a variety of reading levels since they cover reading and thinking strategies no matter what the text.
  • I intro these in Teacher Time and because the structure is the same, it allows for us to dig deep into the text without getting stuck in unfamiliar layouts.
  • Later in the year, I will use these as Bloom's refreshers, early finisher work, independent Read to Self responses, emergency sub plans and (my favorite!) in Literature Circles- each student gets a level to complete and when they meet as a group, they have a *huge* amount of info to contribute!
  • There are full-color versions (shown) as well as black & white versions (ink-saver!).
  • These coordinate with my Revised Bloom's Taxonomy Posters (shown below) and are a great, short, easy way to intro or refresh Bloom's levels with your kids.

Here's a link to my post about my Teacher Time Bin, along with how I use my Bloom's Posters in a shrunken, binder ringed set (there's also a link included in the post & poster set with super-easy instructions for how to make your own mini-posters of *any* PDF):

The posters are available in TpT and TN on their own:

The brochures are also available on their own in TpT and TN:

If you'd like to get the bundle of both (at a discount), you can find that in my TpT Store:

Thanks so much and I hope this helped give you some ideas for how to introduce and incorporate Bloom's Taxonomy in your class next year!


  1. Thank you so much for the video! I follow you on TpT and noticed that you had posted these but honestly didn't pay much attention. Then I watched your video and realized how useful these could be! I'm off to purchase the whole bundle. Thank you :)

    1. I'm so glad it can help! I'm such a visual learner and without a class to photograph, it was hard to figure out how to present these in a fun way :) I have the Nonfiction Brochures posted now, so there are *loads* of bundle options. Thanks again for your kind words and support!

  2. These are great. Look forward to hearing more about how you do your reading groups and use these in your classroom.

  3. These are wonderful! I love the set up of them and think they would be great to use with my kids this next year! Adding them to my wishlist! Can't wait to see the nonfiction ones :)

  4. I am looking forward to using these in my literature circles for fourth grade this year. You put an x through one of many projects I had on my summer to do list....thanks!

    The Curious Apple

  5. These are great. I already have the posters now I need to get the brochures.

  6. I LOVE these! I am so looking forward to getting my sped kids to push their thinking further. I am having a giveaway if you want to check it out! I have some great math centers for 3rd graders!

    Diary of a First Year Teacher