Monday Made-It: Flickr Word Art

I am so excited to *finally* be linking up this summer with Tara's Monday Made-It!

Last year, I did so much for my classroom, but this summer we don't have access to our rooms until the end of July (boo!). No worries, though- I wanted to share something I made for our house that you can easily adjust for your classroom: Flickr Word Art!

This is hanging near our entryway at home, but I can easily see something like this at school with your last name, school name, class initials (mine is 3VH), and more!!

For this project you will need:
  • an idea for a name 
  • this website:
  • a way to print photos (I use Snapfish to organize them into an album and then print to the Walgreens across the street)
  • a frame (the one I used with seven openings comes from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and was about $20, plus I had a 20% off coupon- woo hoo!) 
I made a video to navigate through the Spell with Flickr website that can hopefully make it as easy as possible:

Helpful Tips:

  • choose letters that have space on the left and right so they won't get cropped when you print them for a 4x6" frame
  • I recommend opening the photos in a new tab/window- don't click on them directly or you could risk losing your pretty selections!
  • choose photos that come in Large sizes- you want the highest resolution possible for a clean photo
  • save your photos with specific names- this will ensure you have all of them in the right spots later on
  • you may want to find a few back-up letters to print, just in case you change your mind :) 
  • I also recommend printing them in black & white or sepia- this will make the final look very cohesive and professional :)

A link to the frame I used (can't find it on the B,B&B website, but it's the same one) can be found HERE.

Tip: If you can't find a frame that holds the amount of letters you need, you can always frame them individually and hang them next to each other- this would look especially cool for initials!

I hope this was helpful and that it's given you some fun ideas for your home or class. Be sure to check out the rest of the creative ideas on 4th Grade Frolics' Monday Made-It and have a great week ahead!


  1. I was thinking this would be so cute to make it with the words - 3rd Grade. Another project to add to the list!

    Third Grade Galore

  2. I knew it would be total awesomeness!! I love this project and didn't realize how easy it is to do using Flickr. Thank you for creating the project and giving step by step instructions. I can't wait to give it a try!
    Fun in Room 4B

    1. You are so sweet, thanks Elizabeth!! Have fun- it's addicting ;)

  3. Super cool..thanks for the tutorial!
    Rock Stars At Work

  4. love love love this! Am making one now for my classroom...and then will make some for Christmas gifts! Woohoo!! Thanks a bunch for the tutorial!

    1. They definitely make unique (and easy!) gifts- have fun :) :)

  5. I have this SAME frame, with the intention of putting our last name in it. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of some easy to find letters! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  6. So cute! I think I'd like it in my house :)

    Teach on a Limb

  7. This is so cute! My sister made one for my husband and I that also listed the year we were "established." It's one of my favorite and one of the most complimented pieces in our place. Love it!

    The Sweetest Thing
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    1. I *love* personalized gifts like this! My husband thinks it's a sickness, but he just doesn't realize how much fun it is :)

  8. Yeah Stephanie!!! So glad you could link up! I love Flickr and had honestly forgotten about it until I saw this! Endless possibilities!!! Love that:) Your video is wonderful too! Thanks for linking up:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  9. This is such a cute idea! I'm obsessed with crafts and this would make a great birthday or Christmas gift!

    Glitter and Gradebooks

  10. What a great idea...I am definitely going to be making some of these for Christmas gifts! Thanks for breaking down the process.

    I am a new follower & just love your blog!

    Mrs. Z & Company

  11. There are so many ways to use this wonderful project! Thanks for the step-by-step process and for blogging about it! I can't wait to make one!


  12. I saw something similar to this at Hobby Lobby - but it would be so cool to do my own personalized one. Thanks for the how-to. Yours turned out really nice!

  13. This is pretty cool. I will have to do this for my class room. I would like to put it in a Frame in Edmonton when I'm done.