Target Finds: Math Fact Practice Activities

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook, you have already seen the two trips I made to two different Targets on the same afternoon..... Yes, I definitely have a Target addiction!!

Both stores were starting to put out their Back to School items in the Dollar Section, and that means *huge* deals for us teachers! Here are my hauls from yesterday:

USA flash cards, USA/World map dry erase boards, flash cards, "wipe clean" cards, to-do list, dry erase pockets & teal {of course!} magazine boxes

*TEAL!* pocket charts, lightbulb sticky notes, Math Bingo, and grading-themed stickers
If your Target doesn't have these items yet, don't worry- they will soon! There are even more items that I've seen around Instagram that my Targets didn't have, so I know I'll be back (yahoo!).

For those of you who do Math Rotations, or are just looking for some fun ways to jazz up Fact Practice in your room, I put together a little bundle of what I found in the Dollar Section to help:

Here's how I use/plan to use them in our Fact Practice Rotation:
  • Flash Cards: I now have all four operations, so students can work with a partner and make two piles- one of known facts, and one of facts they still need to practice
  • Math Bingo: These will be fun boards to use if a small group is in Fact Practice. This usually happens with my highest group, so I can easily see them using this game without the need to adult intervention. This game would also be a great filler after a test or on days when the Lesson Work is short.
  • Dry-Erase Pockets: The back side of the included sheet already has some math problems, so it was a perfect demo of how you can use them! Plus, they save paper and you can even have a folder with a variety of inserts to help your students practice a wide variety of facts (not just the operations, but geometry, measurement, money, etc.).
  • "Wipe Clean" Cards: I picked some up in each operation and like how quick and simple they are. There are four questions and the answers are written very small on the back. There are questions on the front and the back, so kids can work independently and get a lot of practice done with not a lot of materials to worry about. 
For more information on Fact Practice in Math Rotations, click the picture below or the tab on the top of my page.

Has your Target put out these great items yet? Any items I missed? I am always looking for an excuse to go back ;) Happy shopping!


  1. Wow, you found some great deals. I can't believe you already figured out what you're going to do with everything. Sometimes I see the stuff in the dollar bin but don't buy it because I don't know how I'd use them. I like all of your ideas and will have head out to Target soon. Thanks,

    1. Thanks, Laura! Don't worry- there are a *lot* of impulse buys in there, too ;) I only highlighted a few math things so I didn't feel so guilty about the fact that our dining room table is covered with overflowing Target bags ;) Good luck with your shopping!!

  2. I L-O-V-E Target, and I totally understand the addiction. These are some great buys and ideas! Thanks for sharing :)

    Glitter and Gradebooks

  3. I love TARGET!!!!! Always find something fun in the Dollar Spot:) Can't wait to go looking for some of these goodies:) Thanks for sharing:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. I remember freaking out when I saw the dry erase pockets in the Dollar Spot - SO pumped you shared that they're back! I'm totally heading down there! :)

    The Sweetest Thing
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  5. I just grabbed some stuff from target last night! Question--what do you have in mind for all the lightbulb stickies you bought? :)

  6. Aw I have to go by Target today:).

  7. I have the wipe clean cards, flash cards and even grabbed some white boards. I have yet to see those dry erase pockets. Im going on a hunt Saturday morning. I have three Targets in mind. LOL

  8. Great deals! I was in Target this week too, and found great deals on Dr. Seuss items. This sparked the idea of having a Back-to School Bargains link party. I would love for you to link up, with these bargains or other bargains you might find.

  9. Hi! I am a new follower! I have the Target obsession, too. My problem is, if I can't find it in my local Target, I will travel a half hour where there are 4 different targets within 10 minutes of each other and look! I got those light bulb post-its too, and I have heart shaped ones (the real post-it note brand) and I think I am going to do something with fact and opinions with them. Facts on the lightbulbs and opinions on the hearts.

    I can't wait to read more of your blog!

    Bitty Bilinguals