Fixing My Community Supplies Area!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this Before and After! My Community Supplies Area has been such a lifesaver with tables, but *wow*, was it ever a mess if every student needed the same color of marker-- duck and cover!

I am excited to share with you how I quickly (and cheaply!) solved that problem this afternoon:

With the help of Tracy from Creekside Teacher Tales, I was able to make this adorable marker station for around $20!

Here's what you'll need:
  • Sterlite Mini 3-drawers (x3)-- I got mine at Walmart (they had black and white) and they were around $7 a piece
  • Tracy's freebie HERE
  • Markers (leftover from last year)
  • Clear tape
I printed out her freebie and made one extra drawer of "white, black, brown" to make nine labels total. I'll just be telling the kids the "white" means "gray"... no biggie :)

I taped these to the inside of the drawer, then sorted my messy tubs of markers into these nine, color-coded drawers.

The results make me grin from ear to ear!

Don't be jealous of my drab-fab 1970's era countertop ;) ;)
Inside each drawer, you will find:

My heart sings :)

In the teal bins on either side that hold up the shelf, I have filled the drawers with extras of:
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • erasers
  • color pencils
  • sticky notes
  • hand pencil sharpeners

That way, if a glue stick from their Table Supply Bins is dried out, they can quickly get a new one from these drawers without too much interruption. Same goes for erasers and markers.

I also restrict the use of Table Bins so they can stay nice for when we need them for a class project, so this area does get a bit of traffic during Friday Free Choice Time if kiddos want to color, or during Ketchup & Pickle Time if a student needs to finish an assignment.

The top board is just a shelf from the hardware store that I spray painted and on top, we store tape dispensers, lined paper, and white paper.

To the left, you can see my Sharp & Dull Pencil Bins (a freebie you can find HERE) and my ruler holder (tutorial HERE).

I hope this gives you some good ideas for your own Community Supplies Area and be sure to head to Creekside Teacher Tales to pick up this adorably cute freebie!!

PS- Congratulations to Karin S.-- check your email because you are the winner of my Writing the Playbook Giveaway!! Be sure to check back next month for September's book :)


  1. I just made spare crayon bins using this freebie today! I also beautified my room using many of your lovely chevron products, and am looking forward to launching both the Daily 5 and Math Rotations this year, thanks to your inspiration. Thanks!

    1. Yay! Great minds think alike ;) So glad you like the chevron- you'll have to send me pics when you're finished ( I'd love to see it all in action!!

      Thanks so much for stopping by :) :)

  2. Hi Stephanie! I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks for all of your posts! I am a newer follower, but you are quickly becoming one of my top blogs, a must visit each day! I am implementing math rotations this year with help from all your math posts and love all your organizational ideas. Thanks so much!


  3. Hello Stephanie! I am loving your posts while I work on my own classroom. I have a question, though. Did your teal drawers come that way or did you paint them? If you painted them, how? If they came that way...where from? Thank you so much!

  4. Great new storage area. I'm loving my new drawers by color by Creekside Teacher Tales, too :)

  5. I like. I'm not 100% I have the room in my class, but that would be HOT! Great job.

  6. I love the idea of leveled storage. It is a great way to add more space to store materials.

    Darling Little Learners