Getting Ready for Open House.... Sort Of.....

We have our Open House tomorrow morning to meet our new little thirdsters and their parents. Today was definitely crunch time-- a full day to work in our classrooms after three days of inservice, so my list was loooooong!

Of course, I alternated between throwing things in random closets organizing purposefully and small crafts to keep me happy and relax a bit. I'm most excited to share the small crafts part with you!

First up, an idea that's all over Pinterest, but I cannot find the original source at all!! (Please leave a comment if you know because I want to give creative credit where its due!) It's super-creative and I am so excited to use it in our class.... Pom-Pom Eraser Dry Erase Markers!

I used the following:

  • 24-pack of black pom-poms from Hobby Lobby (the size was just right-- not too much fluff but enough to cover the lid, and I chose black because any lighter color would show dirt through the year)
  • Dry erase markers from Office Depot (not only were they much cheaper than Expo, their lid was flat, so I could still attach the lid to the marker when using it and the eraser was usable-- not so with Expo's nubby lid-- does that even make sense?!)
  • Glue gun (I only had the mini at school today, but it was a-ok!)
This whole project took 2 1/2 seconds and now I am excited that kids will have erasers on the backs of their markers when we're using white boards in class.

And, speaking of white boards, I was *beyond* inspired by my super-genius friend, Kristen of Ladybug's Teacher Files when she shared her recent summertime project: White Board/Clipboard Combo!

Here's how mine went:

I used:

  • Plastic clipboards from Office Depot
  • Dry erase sheets (30-pack from Amazon found HERE)
  • Corner cutter from Hobby Lobby
I lugged this project back and forth from home and school because I was under the very false impression it would take time and patience-- which I have none of....

Good news! It takes neither!! Woo hoo!!

The sheets are very heavy-duty and when I messed up and got a bit off-center, I could just peel it up and start over. I *highly* recommend following Kristen's tutorial, since she covers tips & tricks that helped along the way, but wow-- I think this took less than the markers!

Last, but not least, I set up the tabletops for Open House. Last year, I used Lucky Charms, but we're less food-focused as a school this year, so I wanted to share something fun with the kids that was consistent with these policies.

Enter Alisha at The Bubbly Blonde's great freebie for glow stick bracelets! A pack of seven was only $1 at the Dollar Store, so I couldn't go wrong!

Since we are launching 7 Habits for Happy Kids as a Leader in Me School this year, I am also including these wonderful bookmarks from Little Lovely Leaders-- she is one of my 7 Habits go-to gals and her resources never disappoint!

The other forms include a welcome back letter, a class list, class schedule, and a questionnaire for parents that I used last year from Farley-- it worked out great so I'm using it again this year!

Parents and kids arrive to meet me at 9am, so I am off to get some sleep to try and tackle the rest of the mess before they arrive. First day is Thursday and I can't wait!!!

Happy Back to School Week!


  1. This is such a neat idea! I am going to try this. Thanks for sharing.

    I am pretty new to the blogging life, please follow me. I look forward to reading your blog again.


  2. Good luck and have a super first day!!


  3. Love your pom pom dry erase markers!! I forgot I wanted to do that! I'll have to wait until my kiddos bring in their supplies though!! Good luck with your open house!! Ours is next Thursday!

  4. Have a fantastic first day! Thanks for the great crafty ideas, might have to try and get some of those done myself!

  5. Thanks for all the ideas. They're great!

  6. Love this idea!!! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Melissa :)

  7. Isn't it great to actually make all the great ideas you find?! Love it...and your blog. Just FYI :)

  8. This is such a great idea! My daughter loves to use her dry erase board but is always losing the eraser!