Student Reflection Sheet for Parent-Teacher Conferences

Our school hosts two parent-teacher conferences each year: one in mid-October and one in early March. The first conference is set up as a "goal setting" conference and the one we're in the middle of now is all around yearly progress, wrapping up the year, and even thinking into peer groups for next year. It seems crazy to think we're already in the last trimester!

While we don't have students sitting in conferences with us, I do want them to have their voice represented in some way. During October conferences, since they have only been with me about a month, I give them a very basic sheet that you can find HERE.

For Spring Conferences, however, I want this to be more in-depth and more reflective of the work we have been doing, both in the classroom at-large and in our writing time. 

The first two parts are meant to be written in short paragraph form, with strong reasons as to the "why" of their answer. We have practiced this kind of writing with my Writing Prompts throughout the year, so it's a familiar format.

Before we begin, I brainstorm projects and topics on the board so they have some guidance and can reference these words as they write. This also gives them a chance to orally plan (as well as listen to others do so) as they suggest ideas and give reasons.

The third section asks about peer groups for the next year when they go off to fourth. While I have a good idea of who they work well with in my own classroom, I love gaining additional insight into students in other rooms, as well as learn more about the "why" for each name they choose. This list also gives me some talking points with parents at conferences.... sometimes kids have been put into separate classes for a reason!

The final question is for any odds-and-ends the students would like to add. It's often about checking out a piece of writing hanging in the hallway, or looking at their work displayed in the classroom. I also leave the back blank so they can draw a picture or add on to any of the sections if they run out of room.

I have made this reflection sheet grade-neutral, so if you would like to use it in your own classroom, click HERE

Happy Conference season!

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