My Favorite St. Patrick's Day Read Alouds

I'm half-Irish, so St. Patrick's Day has always been a favorite holiday for me. I love sharing parts of it with my students each year and using these read alouds not only incorporates parts of the holiday, but discusses lessons and character traits in a fun, engaging way.

If you want a very informative, but kid-friendly history to St. Patrick's Day, Gail Gibbons' book is a great go-to. Eve Bunting is another familiar author, and her book does not disappoint.

Playing on some of the traditions and superstitions, The Night Before St. Patrick's Day is a festive play on the familiar Christmas rhyme. And a new addition you may not have heard of, Discovery in the Woods is part one of a three-part series written by a retired teacher.

To extend these read alouds, be sure to see my holiday Word Work, Did You Know? Facts, Writing Prompts, QR Math activities, Brain Breaks, and more in my TpT Store HERE.  

There are also some great technology links for St. Patrick's Day HERE, and be sure to check the additional links at the bottom of that page for even more holiday-themed tech ideas!

To read more about these books, simply click on any of the titles below. Each will link you directly to its page on Amazon where you can preview the inside, read the reviews, and find similar titles. 

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I hope this list gives you lots of ideas for read alouds for this festive holiday. Here's wishing you a Happy St. Patrick's Day. 

Be sure to let me know of any additional titles in the comments below. I would love to add to this collection!

To find my complete collection of read aloud suggestions, see my growing list here:

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